Product FAQ

Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are uncertain about some of the check points, or if the solutions indicated in the following guide does not resolve the issue, then consult your dealer for instructions.

Reference Class R1 Series
Stereo Power Amplifier     /    SE-R1
Network Audio Control Player     /    SU-R1
Network Audio Control Player     /    SU-R1A
Reference Class SU-R1000
Stereo Integrated Amplifier     /    SU-R1000
Reference Class SP-10R, SL-1000R, SH-TB10
Direct Drive Turntable     /    SP-10R
Direct Drive Turntable System     /    SL-1000R
Tonearm Base     /    SH-TB10
Grand Class SL-1200GAE, SL-1210GAE, SL-1200G, SL-1210G, SL-1200GR
Direct Drive Turntable System     /    SL-1200GAE, SL-1210GAE, SL-1200G, SL-1210G, SL-1200GR
Grand Class G30 Series
Network Audio Amplifier     /    SU-G30
Music Server     /    ST-G30, ST-G30L
Grand Class G700 Series
Stereo Integrated Amplifier     /    SU-G700
Stereo Integrated Amplifier     /    SU-G700M2
Network / Super Audio CD Player     /    SL-G700
Premium Class SL-1500C
Direct Drive Turntable System     /    SL-1500C
Premium Class C700 Series
Stereo Integrated Amplifier     /    SU-C700
Network Audio Player     /    ST-C700
Network Audio Player     /    ST-C700D
Compact Disc Player     /    SL-C700
Premium Class C600/C100 Series
Network CD Receiver     /    SA-C600
Network CD Receiver     /    SA-C100
Premium Class OTTAVA™ SC-C500
CD Stereo System     /    OTTAVA™ SC-C500
Premium Class SU-C550
CD Stereo Amplifier     /    SU-C550
Premium Class OTTAVA™ƒ SC-C70
Compact Stereo System     /    OTTAVA™ƒ SC-C70
Premium Class OTTAVA™ƒ SC-C70MK2
Compact Stereo System     /    OTTAVA™ƒ SC-C70MK2
Premium Class OTTAVA™ƒ SC-C65
Compact Stereo System     /    OTTAVA™ƒ SC-C65
Premium Class OTTAVA™S SC-C50, SC-C30
Wireless Speaker System / OTTAVA™S SC-C50
Wireless Speaker System / OTTAVA™S SC-C30
DJ Turntable SL-1200MK7/SL-1210MK7
DJ Turntable     /    SL-1200MK7/SL-1210MK7
Digital Wireless Stereo Headphones  EAH-A800
Digital Wireless Stereo Headphones / EAH-A800
Digital Wireless Stereo Earphones  EAH-AZ60, EAH-AZ40, EAH-AZ70W
Digital Wireless Stereo Earphones / EAH-AZ60, EAH-AZ40, EAH-AZ70W