Stereo Integrated Amplifier/ SU-G700


The unit does not work.
Operations are not done properly.

  • One of the unit's safety devices may have been activated.
  1. Press [] on the unit to switch the unit to standby.
    If the unit does not switch to standby, press [] on the unit for at least 5 seconds. The unit is forcibly switched to standby.
    Alternatively, disconnect the AC mains lead, wait for at least 3 minutes, then reconnect it.
  2. Press [] on the unit to switch on. If the unit still cannot be operated, consult the dealer.

A "humming" sound can be heard during playback.

  • An AC power supply cord of another device or fluorescent light is near the cables. Turn off other appliances, or keep them away from the cables of this unit.
  • A strong magnetic field near a TV or other device may adversely affect the audio quality. Keep this unit away from such a location.
  • The speakers may output noise when a device nearby is emitting powerful radio waves, such as when a mobile phone is on a call.

No sound.

  • Check the volume of this unit and the connected device.
  • Check connections to speakers and other equipment.
  • Connect speakers and measure the output signal of the amplifier.
  • Check the impedance of the connected speakers.
  • Check to see if the correct input source is selected.
  • I nsert the plugs of the cables to be connected all the way in.
  • Confirm the sound output setting. (Sound is not output from the speakers connected to the speaker output terminals of this unit while "PRE OUT" is set to "On (Speaker:Off)".)
  • Playback of multi-channel content is not supported.
  • The digital audio input terminals of this unit can only detect linear PCM signals. For details, refer to the operating instructions of the device.

Sound is distorted.

  • Setting "Attenuator" to "On" according to the analog audio input may minimize the sound distortion.
  • Setting the attenuator is not available for the output audio signal from LINE OUT terminal.

The volume is automatically changed.

  • When the input source is switched to "LINE2" or other source from "MAIN IN" and the current volume level is higher than previous level, the volume is automatically adjusted. (Volume knob automatically turns.)

The unit turns to standby mode automatically.

  • Is the auto off function turned on?
  • This unit incorporates a protection circuit to prevent damage caused by heat buildup. When you use this unit at a high volume level for a long period of time, it may turn off automatically. Wait for this unit to cool down before turning on this unit again. (For approximately 3 minutes)

The settings are reset to the factory defaults.

  • Updating the firmware may reset the settings.

The peak power meter does not operate.

  • When enjoying video contents, the video and audio output may not be synchronised.
    In the following cases, this meter does not operate:
- When the headphones are connected.
- When the peak power meter light is turned off by pressing [DIMMER].
- When this unit is muted by pressing [MUTE].
- When "PRE OUT" is set to "On (Speaker:Off)".

The system control function is not working.

  • Use the system connection cable supplied with the connected device.
  • Connect the system connection cable to the system terminals (CONTROL).
  • Check the connection of system connection cable, audio cable and the input source which is set with "System Control".
  • Connect Technics device supporting system control function (Network Audio Player, Compact Disc Player, etc.) to this unit.
  • About Technics devices supporting system control function, click here.

What Technics devices support system control function?

  • You can operate this unit and Technics devices supporting system control function simultaneously with ease on the remote control.
  • About Technics devices supporting system control function, click here.

About PRE OUT setting

  • You can set the audio output of the speaker output terminals and PRE OUT terminals
    On: Sound is output from the speaker output terminals and PRE OUT terminals.
    On (Speaker:Off): Sound is not output from the speaker output terminals. Sound is output from PRE OUT terminals.
    Off: Sound is not output from PRE OUT terminals. Sound is output from the speaker output terminals.
  • It is recommended to set to "On (Speaker:Off)" (rated output: 1 V) when connecting a power amplifier.


The PC does not recognize this unit.

  • Check your operating environment.
  • Restart the PC, turn this unit to standby and on, and then reconnect the USB cable.
  • Use another USB port of the connected PC.
  • Install the dedicated USB driver if using a PC with Windows.

Remote control

The remote control does not work properly.

  • The batteries are depleted or inserted incorrectly.
  • To avoid interference, please do not put any objects in front of signal sensor.
  • I f the remote control mode of the remote control differs from that of this unit, match the mode of the remote control to the mode of this unit.


ATTENTION : MAX Output Setting

  • While using this unit as power amplifier, the volume adjustment with this unit is disabled.
  • Adjust the volume little by little with the connected device.


  • The unit has been left unused for about 20 minutes and will shut down within a minute. Press any button to cancel it.

Connect USB Device

  • The firmware download has failed.
  • Download the latest firmware on the USB flash memory and try again.

Disconnect PHONES

  • When the headphones are connected, measuring the output signal of the amplifier (LAPC) will not start.
  • Disconnect the headphones.
  • I f you connect headphones during amplifier signal measurement or amplifier output correction, it will be cancelled.

"F□□" ("□" stands for a number.)

  • An abnormality has occurred. (If this unit detects an abnormality, the protection circuit is activated, and the power may be turned off automatically.)
    - Is the volume extremely high? Or is this unit placed in an extremely hot place?
    Wait a few seconds and then turn the unit on again. (The protection circuit will be deactivated.)

Load Fail

  • The firmware cannot be found on the USB flash memory.
  • Download the latest firmware on the USB flash memory and try again.

No Device

  • USB flash memory with new firmware is not connected. Connect the USB flash memory with new firmware.

Not Measured

  • Measuring the output signal for the output correction function (LAPC) has not been done yet.
  • Measure the output signal.

Not Valid

  • The function you have tried to use is not available with the current settings. Check the steps and settings.

PHONES Connected

  • The headphones are connected.
  • Sound is not output from headphones jack and speaker output terminals when the headphones are connected and "MAIN IN" is selected as input source of this unit.

"Remote □" ("□" stands for a number.)

  • The remote control and this unit are using different modes. Change the mode on the remote control.

Signal Overflow

  • The sound from the analog audio input terminals in use is distorted. Select "Attenuator" according to the selected analog audio input, and change the setting of the attenuator to "On".


  • "COAX1", "COAX2", "OPT1", "OPT2" or "PC" is selected, but no device is connected. Check the connection with the device.
  • The sampling frequency components, etc. of the audio signals are not input correctly.
    - About supported format, refer to "Format support". (⇒ Operating Instructions)

USB Over Current Error

    USB device is drawing too much power.
  • Disconnect the USB device and connect it again.
  • Turn the unit to standby and on again.

VOLUME □□ OK ("□" stands for a number.)

  • When the input source is switched to "LINE2" or other source from "MAIN IN", the volume level after switching the input source is displayed.
  • Confirm and adjust the volume before pressing [OK].