Stereo Integrated Amplifier / SU-C700

Heat buildup of this unit.

This unit becomes warm when the volume is high. This is not a malfunction.

A "humming" sound can be heard during playback.

  • An AC mains lead or fluorescent light is near the cables. Keep other appliances and cords away from the cables of this unit.
  • Set the [ATTENUATOR] switch to [ON] which is located on the rear panel.
  • A strong magnetic field near a TV or other device may adversely affect the audio quality. Keep this unit away from such devices.
  • The speakers may output noise when a device nearby is emitting powerful radio waves, such as when a mobile phone is on a call.

No sound.

  • Check connections to speakers and other equipment.
  • Check to see if the correct input source is selected.
  • Insert the plugs of the cables to be connected all the way in.
  • Playback of multi-channel content is not supported.
  • The digital audio input terminals of this unit can only detect linear PCM signals. For details, refer to the operating instructions of the device.

The remote control does not work properly.

  • To avoid interference, please do not put any objects in front of signal sensor.
  • Change the remote control code if other products react to this remote control.
    - Point the remote control at this unit, and press and hold [OK] and the numeric button [1] or [2] for at least 4 seconds.
    - When the code is changed, the PC indicator and the COAX2 indicator blink for approximately 10 seconds.

Pressing [DIMMER] changes the display and the basic control switches brightness of the ST-C700/ST-C700D/SL-C700.

[DIMMER] works for the ST-C700/ST-C700D/SL-C700 as well as this unit. Turn off the device that you want to maintain the brightness level of, and press [DIMMER].

The peak power meter does not operate.

  • In the following cases, this meter does not operate:
    – When a headphone plug is connected.
    – When the peak power meter light is turned off by pressing [DIMMER].
    – When this unit is muted by pressing [MUTE].

The system control function is not working.

  • Use the system connection cables supplied with the ST-C700/ST-C700D/SL-C700.
  • About Technics devices supporting system control function, click here.

What Technics devices support system control function?

  • You can operate this unit and Technics devices supporting system control function simultaneously with ease on the remote control.
  • About Technics devices supporting system control function, click here.

The unit turns off automatically.

  • Is the auto off function turned on?
    To cancel this function
  1. Press and hold [MUTE] until the PHONO indicator on this unit starts to blink.
  2. Press [MUTE].
    Each time you press the button:
- COAX3 indicator blinks : On
- OPT indicator blinks : Off
  1. Press [VOL -] to exit.
  • If the ST-C700/ST-C700D is connected to this unit via the system control function, this unit may automatically enter standby mode when the ST-C700/ST-C700D enters standby mode.
  • This unit incorporates a protection circuit to prevent damage caused by heat buildup. When you use this unit at a high volume level for a long period of time, it may turn off automatically. Wait for this unit to cool down before turning on this unit again. (For approximately 3 minutes)

Input indicator blinks.

  • In the following cases, the input indicator blinks:
    – When this unit is muted by pressing [MUTE].
    – "PC", "COAX1", "COAX2", "COAX3" or "OPT" is selected, but no device is connected.
    – Audio signals, such as sampling frequency components, are not input correctly.