Direct Drive Turntable / SP-10R
Direct Drive Turntable System / SL-1000R
Tonearm Base / SH-TB10


No power.

  • Is the AC mains lead plugged in?
    Plug the mains lead in firmly.
  • Is the control unit connected with the mainunit?

There is power but no sound. Sound is weak.

  • Are connections to the amplifier/receiver's PHONO terminals correct?
    Connect the PHONO cables to the amplifier's PHONO terminals.

Left and right sounds are reversed.

  • Are the stereo connection cable connections to the amplifier or receiver reversed?
    Double check all connections.
  • Are connections of the head shell's lead wires to the cartridge terminals correct?
    Double check all connections.

Humming is heard during play.

  • Are there other appliances or their AC mains lead near the stereo connection cable?
    Separate the appliances and their AC mains lead from this unit.
  • Is the earth lead connected?
    Make sure the earth lead is correctly connected.

The orange indicator blinks.

  • Perform the following operation when the orange indicator blinks.
    The symptom may be improved.
  1. Press the power button to turn off the power.
  2. Pull out the power plug, wait for three seconds, and then insert the plug again.
  3. Press the power button to turn on the power and press [START-STOP] to rotate the turntable.
    If the orange indicator blinks again, check which one is blinking and contact our service representative.

While playing record, the turntable revolves with a gently wavy motion.

  • Remove the turntable and clean the rotor shaft, and then fit the turntable again. It might be improved.

No indication on the display of the control unit.

  • Is the display dimmer activated?

Error code

  • Occurrence of an error will be notified as necessary on the display of the control unit and with the speed selector button indicators of the main unit.
  • Display of the control unit Measure
    Unconnected Check that the control unit is connected with the main unit.
    Consult your dealer.
    • One of the [33/45/78] speed selector button indicators of the main unit blinks (rapidly or slowly) in orange.
    • Provide the displayed number and the LED's blinking status at the time of consultation.

Compatibility with SP-10MK2 and SP-10MK3

Compatibility with tonearm base mounting

  • Please use the tonearm base of supported manufactuer model.
    Material: Aluminum alloy A5052
  • Model number Supported manufacturer Supported model
    SH-TB10-S - Blank tonearm base*
    SH-TB10TC1-S Technics EPA-100mk2
    SH-TB10SM1-S SME M2-9R
    SH-TB10SM2-S M2-12R
    SH-TB10RT1-S Ortofon AS-212S
    SH-TB10RT2-S AS-309S
    SH-TB10JL1-S JELCO SA-250
    SH-TB10JL2-S SA-750L
    SH-TB10KD1-S IKEDA IT-345 CR-1
    SH-TB10KD2-S IT-407 CR-1
    * The product does not have mounting holes. Process the product according to your tone arm.

Adjusting the tonearm height