Compact Disc Player / SL-C700

The remote control is not included.

Use the remote control supplied with the SU-C700/ST-C700/ST-C700D to control this unit. (N2QAYA000096).

Is Re-Master function effect to either digital or analogue audio output?

This function works for both the digital and analogue audio outputs.

A "humming" sound can be heard during playback.

An AC mains lead or fluorescent light is near the cables. Keep other appliances and cords away from the cables of this unit.

No sound.

  • Check the volume of the connected device (amplifier, etc.).
  • Check to see if the cable connections to the input and output terminals are incorrect. If this is the case, turn off this unit and reconnect the cables correctly.
  • Insert the plugs of the cables to be connected all the way in.

The sound is interrupted.

Depending on your environment, the audio may be interrupted during playback. Check the operating instructions of the connected device and the connection to the device.

Playback does not start.

Depending on your environment or connected devices, it may take some time.

The system control function is not working.

About Technics devices supporting system control function, click here.

What Technics devices support system control function?

  • You can operate this unit and Technics devices supporting system control function simultaneously with ease on the remote control.
  • About Technics devices supporting system control function, click here.

The unit turns off automatically.

  • Is the auto off function turned on?
  • If the SU-C700 is connected to this unit via the system control function, this unit may automatically enter standby mode when the SU-C700 enters standby mode.


Incorrect display or play does not start.

  • Make sure that the disc is compatible with this unit.
  • There is moisture on the lens. Wait for about an hour and then try again.
  • Unfinalised CD-R and CD-RW cannot be played back.
  • This unit sometime fails to read a multi-session disc with short session. Use single-session disc (disc at once)

Playback takes time to start.

  • It may take some time for the disc to load if there are a lot of tracks or folders on it.

Audio track does not playback in Mixed Mode CD.

  • This unit only supports data track of Mixed Mode CD.

Remote control

The remote control does not work properly.

  • To avoid interference, please do not put any objects in front of signal sensor.
  • Change the remote control code if other products react to this remote control.
    - Point the remote at this unit, and press and hold [OK] and the numeric button [1] or [2] for a few seconds.
    - When the remote control code is changed, the new code will appear on the display for a few seconds.
  • If the SU-C700/ST-C700/ST-C700D is selected for the device to be operated, press [CD] and retry the operation.
  • When this unit and the SU-C700 are connected with an audio cable, switch the input of the SU-C700 to "LINE".

Pressing [DIMMER] changes the display, the light and the indicator brightness of the SU-C700/ST-C700/ST-C700D.

  • [Dimmer] works for the SU-C700/ST-C700/ST-C700D as well as this unit. Turn off the device that you want to maintain the brightness level of, and press [DIMMER].

When press the [NWP] or [CD] button on remote control, SU-C700 is switched to unintended selector.

  • Press [>INPUT<] below [AMP] repeatedly to select intended selector.

The following messages or service numbers may appear on the unit’s display.


  • The number of programmed tracks is more than 25.

"Not Conditional"

  • The function you have tried to use is not available with the current settings. Check the steps and settings.

"No Disc"

  • Insert the disc to be played.

"No File"

  • Insert the disc played.
  • Insert a disc that has MP3/WMA files on it.

"No Play"

  • A CD that is not in CD-DA, MP3 or WMA format is inserted. It cannot be played.
  • Examine the content. You can only play supported format.


  • The unit is checking the CD information. After this display has disappeared, start operating.

"Remote□" ("□" stands for a number.)

  • The remote control and this unit are using different codes. Change the code on the remote control.
    - When "Remote Mode 1" is displayed, press and hold [OK] and [1] for at least 4 seconds.
    - When "Remote Mode 2" is displayed, press and hold [OK] and [2] for at least 4 seconds.

"- - : - -"

  • The display time is over 99 minutes and 59 seconds.