Music Server / ST-G30, ST-G30L


The unit does not work.

  • One of the unit's safety devices may have been activated.
  1. Press [] on the unit to switch the unit to standby.
    If the unit does not switch to standby, press [] on the unit for at least 5 seconds. The unit is forcibly switched to standby.
    Alternatively, disconnect the AC mains lead, wait for at least 3 minutes, then reconnect it.
  2. Press [] on the unit to switch on. If the unit still cannot be operated, consult the dealer.

A "humming" sound can be heard during playback.

  • An AC mains lead or fluorescent light is near the cables. Keep other appliances and cords away from the cables of this unit.
  • A strong magnetic field near a TV or other device may adversely affect the audio quality. Keep this unit away from such devices.
  • The speakers may output noise when a device nearby is emitting powerful radio waves, such as when a mobile phone is on a call.

No sound.

  • Adjust the volume of the connected devise (amplifier, etc.).
  • Check to see if the cable connections to the input and output terminals are incorrect. If this is the case, turn off this unit and reconnect the cables correctly.
  • Insert the plugs of the cables to be connected all the way in.

Playback does not start.

  • Depending on your environment or connected devices, it may take some time.

The settings are reset to the factory defaults.

  • Updating the firmware may reset the settings.

This unit turns off suddenly.

  • If the SSD is removed or malfunctions while this unit is in operation, this unit will turn off automatically. Check to see if the SSD is attached correctly to the main unit.
  • If this unit still turns off even after you have attached the SSD correctly, there may be a malfunction with the SSD.

The sound is interrupted.

  • Depending on your environment, the audio may be interrupted during playback. Check the operating instructions of the connected device and the connection to the device.

What device models support connection to this server?


Recording does not start.

  • Make sure that the disc is compatible with this unit.
  • There is moisture on the lens. Wait for about an hour and then try again.
  • Recording to unfinalized CD-R and CD-RW discs is not possible.
  • WMA/MP3 is not supported.


Cannot connect to the network.

  • Confirm the network connection and settings.
  • Make sure that the multicast function on the wireless router is enabled.
  • Make sure that the devices, smartphone and tablet are connected to the same network as this system.
  • Turn off and on the network connection of the smartphone, tablet or connected device, and reconnect it to this unit.

Playback does not start.
The sound is interrupted.

  • If the signal is interrupted, changing the location and angle of the broadband router may improve the signal reception of the connected device.
  • If several wireless devices are simultaneously using the same wireless network as this unit, try turning off the other devices or reducing their wireless network usage.
  • If playback has stopped, check the playback status on the smartphone, tablet or connected device.


This unit does not recognize the USB connection correctly.

  • Check to see if another device can detect your USB device.
  • If you connect USB HDD to this unit, use the USB cable that is supplied with the HDD.

The USB device responds slowly.

  • Large-capacity USB devices may respond slowly.


The SSD is not detected.

  • Check to see if the SSD is attached correctly.

The STATUS indicator is flashing red.

  • When you replaced the SSD, you might have forgotten to format the new one. Before using a new SSD, be sure to format it on this unit.

Technics Music App

Sound is interrupted during playback.

  • Confirm that the LAN speed has been set to [Automatic (up to 1Gbps)].
    ( [ST-G30 Menu] > Device selection > [Settings] > [LAN speed] )

Cannot record from a CD.

  • CDs that cannot be used:
    - CDs with irregular shapes, such as heart shapes (Use of such CDs may cause malfunction.)
  • CDs that are not guaranteed to operate:
    - Discs with illegally copied data and those that do not conform to industry standards
    - DualDiscs (Discs that record data such as music and images on both sides)
  • Supported disc formats:
    Commercially available CDs (CD-DA) OK
    CD-R/CD-RW (MP3) NG

The title or artist information cannot be obtained from Gracenote®. /
Information cannot be obtained even if tapping [Title Acquisition].

  • Obtaining the information requires the router to be connected to the Internet.
    Only the information of the tracks recorded from CDs can be obtained.
    If the information is not present on the Gracenote® database, it cannot be obtained.
    If the information cannot be obtained, use the editing function to change the titles, artist names, etc.

Tracks stored by recording or importing are not displayed.

  • It may take some time to register the stored tracks.
    When writing is being performed from the PC simultaneously, wait until the writing is completed, and then check the display.

Your ST-G30 is not displayed on the device selection screen.

  • Depending on the usage environment, it may take some time to display.
    Confirm that your device and ST-G30 are connected on the same network.
    Check if ST-G30 is turned on.
    Restart the application.
    If the problem persists, reset ST-G30 to the factory defaults. For the reset method, see the operating instructions supplied with ST-G30.

Cannot be changed to an image stored on tablet or smartphone if changing the album art.

  • If your device is earlier than Android 5.0, it cannot be changed to an image stored on your device. It can be changed only to a new picture taken on the spot.

Edited or deleted tracks are not applied on the display.

  • Depending on the usage environment (10,000 or more of tracks are stored in ST-G30, etc.), it may take some time to apply the change.
    If the change is not applied, return to the home screen, and operate again.

Downloading does not start from Technics Tracks.

  • Update this unit to the latest firmware. It may start.
  • Downloading the tracks requires the router to be connected to the Internet.
    You cannot re-download tracks that were once downloaded even if deleted.
    Tracks may not be downloaded unless the clock built in ST-G30 is accurate. Confirm that the time on your device is accurate, and synchronize the time. (Tap [ST-G30 Menu] > Device selection > [Settings] > [Date and time], and set to [On].)

[ST-G30 Menu] is not displayed.

  • Tap [Setup] > [ST-G30 Menu Display Settings], and select [Display On].

The icon of [ST-G30 Menu] is not displayed on the home screen.

  • Depending on your device, the icon of [ST-G30 Menu] may be out of the screen due to the visible area. Move the other icons up so the icon of [ST-G30 Menu] can be displayed.

The application is not responsive.

  • Restart your device.