Technics Audio Center


Technics Audio Center ver 2.0.0 has a completely new design.
The function tabs are arranged at the bottom of the screen to allow more intuitive operation.

- Simple and Intuitive Menu
- Network Playback
- USB Memory Playback
- CD Playback *1
- Super Audio CD Playback *2
- Multi Device Playlist Functions
- Control Spotify, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer and Internet Radio *3
- Power Control and Setup Control
- Bass/Mid/Treble Control
- Space Tune *4
- Link multiple speakers to play your songs *5
- Allow you to play in stereo with two SC-C50s or two SC-C30s

*1 Compatible models are SA-C600/SA-C100/SC-C70MK2/SC-C65.
*2 Compatible models are SL-G700M2/SL-G700.
*3 Amazon Music compatible models are SL-G700M2/SU-GX70/SA-C600/SA-C100/SC-C70MK2/SC-C65.
  Qobuz compatible models are SL-G700M2/SU-GX70.
*4 Compatible models are SU-GX70/SA-C600/SA-C100/SC-C70MK2/SC-C65/SC-C50/SC-C30.
*5 Compatible models are SL-G700M2/SA-C600/SA-C100/SC-C70MK2/SC-C65/SC-C50/SC-C30.

- ※Please use "Technics Music App" for Technics SU-R1/SU-G30/ST-C700D/OTTAVA SC-C500/SU-C550/ST-G30/OTTAVA f SC-C70.

This update introduces the following improvements.
- Adoption of navigation bar
- Improved mini player design
- Improved visibility and sorting function of SOURCE
- Improved grouping usability
- Improved usability of Stereo Pair
- Improved volume usability

Terms of Service and Disclaimer

Compatible Models

Network/Super Audio CD Player

Network/Super Audio CD Player

Network Audio Amplifier

Network CD Receiver

Network CD Receiver

Compact Stereo System

Compact Stereo System

Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Speaker System
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