Technics Audio Center


Let's Get Started
basic function to enjoy music


    Select a music source.


    Play your favourite music source.


    Switch the speaker to operate.


    Change the speaker settings.

Launching an App
Tap the Technics Audio Center icon on your Android™ device to launch Technics Audio Center.
Launching an App
Welcome Screen
Select [Click here for new speaker setup] and proceed to the network settings.
Network Settings
After selecting the model to be set, follow the on-screen instructions to set the network.
Network Settings

  • Before starting the network setting, make sure that the wireless LAN router and Android™ device are connected.
All target models in the same network are displayed.
Tap the speaker you want to use.
The 「SOURCE」 screen of the selected device will appear.
※The speaker name set in Google Home is displayed.

1. If the 「SOURCE」 screen is not displayed, tap .
2. Tap the music source icon you want to play and select the song.

・If you want to stream, tap [Radio], [Spotify], [Amazon Music], [TIDAL], [Deezer], [Podcasts] or [Chromecast built-in].

・If you want to play with the sound source of the speaker, tap any music source icon.

・If you want to play back the song of a Music server or Network hard disk (NAS: Network Attached Storage), tap [Music Server].
・If you want to play back the song of your Android™ device, tap [Music on this device].

  • If you playback the song in Android™ device and NAS, it may take a few seconds(2-3 sec.).
  • If you select the same speaker from another app, connection to the speaker will be lost. To play back using your app, select the music source or song again.
  • Depending on the music source device, playback time of the song may be wrongly displayed. For details, consult the manufacturer of your music source device.
  • The music source icon can be switched by horizontal scrolling.
If you use the latest versions of Technics Audio Center and the audio devices, use the browser to login to TIDAL or Amazon Music.

  • Check the default browser of the device. Please set the default browser to Chrome.
  • Image authentication may be displayed when logging in with the browser.
  • The browser tab used to log in remains. If you don't need the browser tab, close it.