Technics Audio Center


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Operating environment

It can be used with SL-G700, SA-C600, SA-C100, OTTAVA™ f SC-C70MK2, OTTAVA™ f SC-C65, OTTAVA™ S SC-C50 and OTTAVA™ S SC-C30.
※DLNA speaker is not supported by this app.

The devices with Android™ 7.0 or later are supported.

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Canadian French, Russian, Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Danish and Japanese can be displayed. The language is automatically switched according to the set language of the Android™ device. If you have set a non-supported language, it will be displayed in English.

The number of songs which can be displayed on the browse screen is 8000. If all songs are not displayed when select DLNA server as music source, please arrange maximum 8000 songs in one folder. The maximum number of songs which can be stored in the queue is 1000.

DLNA speakers are not supported in this app.
Please use Technics Music App.


You can search for songs on your Android™ device and NAS. From the 「SOURCE」 screen, tap [Music Server] or [Music on this device] and enter the keyword in the search box.
A list of songs that include keywords such as song name, artist name, album name, and file name is displayed.

  • If you narrow down the search range, please perform the search on screen of the folder you want to narrow down.
  • It may take longer to search songs of NAS.
  • You can stop searching by using "back button" of your Android™ device.
You can set the sound quality to suit the location where the Technics device is installed (on the side of a wall, in the corner of a room, etc.) or adjust it automatically.
- Free : No objects(wall,etc.) around speaker(Initial value is here.)
- Wall : There is a wall behind speaker.
- Corner : Speaker is in the corner of the room.
- In a Shelf : There are speakers in the shelf.
- L/R Custom : Sets the sound quality for each speaker.
- Auto : Adjust the sound quality automatically according to the installation location by speaker.
- Measured : After measuring with iOS device, you can measure the location between your iOS device and speaker.

  • If you haven't done "Auto", you cannot select "Auto". Please select "Measure newly" at first.
  • If you haven't done "Measured", you cannot select "Measured". Please select "Measure newly" by iOS device at first.
  • This function is supported by SA-C600 / SA-C100 / SC-C70MK2 / SC-C65 / SC-C50 / SC-C30.
  • In parallel, Space Tune setting items are depending on which model you are operating.
This is a function of SC-C50 only.
You can change the settings on the 「SETTINGS」 screen.
This setting makes it easier to hear human voices, and is suitable for use when playing radio or podcasts.

It can be changed with [Model Color] in [Other settings] on the 「SETTINGS」 screen.
※Some models do not have color variations.

[Radio] in [Streaming] on the 「SOURCE」 screen refers to Internet Radio.
Tap the station and enjoy playing.

Trouble shooting

  • Please turn the device off and on again.
  • Please uninstall this app and install again.

  • Confirm the network connection and settings.
  • Reconnect the devices to the network.
  • Turn this system off and on, and then select this system as the output speakers again.
  • Turn the wireless LAN router off and then on.
  • If your wireless LAN router supports 5GHz band, try using the 5GHz band.
  • Do not place this system inside a metal cabinet, for it might block the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Place the system closer to the wireless LAN router.
  • If several wireless devices are simultaneously using the same wireless network as this system, try turning off the other devices or reducing their network usage.
  • If your wireless LAN router is put on the floor, place it on the table with a height of approximately 1 m.
  • It is recommended to place the wireless LAN router in the center of the house at the same distance from each speaker.
  • If the channel is currently set by the wireless LAN router's configuration, try changing to AUTO in the channel settings.
  • If the network is set to be invisible, make the network visible while you set up the network for this system or make a wired LAN connection.

  • Using this unit with a microwave, cordless telephone or other 2.4 GHz devices at the same time may cause connection interruptions. Keep this unit away from those devices.
  • If any apps are working in the background, the Android™ device may not be operated smoothly. Close unused app at the same time.
  • NAS (DLNA) playback may stop halfway. For stable playback, connect your device to a power source then open and use the app.
  • DSD source may not be played properly. For stable playback, it is recommended to save to a USB memory or connect to a wired LAN.
  • In your Android™ device, Wi-Fi Settings "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" is not "Always". Change it to "Always".
  • The battery saver settings of Android devices may be enabled. Contact the device manufacturer for details.
    Make sure that the “Battery optimization” setting in app is “Don‘t optimize”.
    Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Battery optimization > All apps > Audio Center > “Don’t optimize”
  • DSD 11.2MHz source may not be played properly while using in stereo pairing.
  • Audio may not be output properly after creating or cancellation group or stereo pair. It may be improved by turning the power of the speaker off and on.
  • The sound may not be synchronized after grouping.

Thumbnail images of the album artwork may not have been published on the NAS.
If you have the following settings on the NAS, please change.
  • Open the Settings screen of the NAS.
  • Select following menu. "Settings" - "Share" - "Media Receiver".
  • Change the setting of "Media Receiver" to "Generic Media Receiver".

Please save the song to the "Music" folder of your Android™ device.

There are various possible reasons.
  • There is a possibility that network connection to the speaker is terminated.
  • If you select the songs of Android™ device or NAS as a music source, please play the song again after about 1 minute.
  • It does not correspond to the song with a DRM. Please choose the songs without DRM.
  • Turn the speaker off and on again.
  • Check the available memory of your device. Free memory of more than 100 MByte is required.
  • Shorten the name of music data files.

The volume display on Technics Audio Center shows 0 - 100% relative position to the speaker volume value. Therefore, the volume value of the speaker and the volume display of Technics Audio Center may be different.

If you select [Deny] in the popup several times, the permission popup will disappear.
Device Settings → Apps & Notifications※ → Select app you want to grant permissions from.
※For details, please contact the device manufacturer.

There is a possibility that the speakers have already been grouped. After ungrouping, set the stereo pair.