With the network device like the smart speaker, you can now more efficiently control your Panasonic TV without the remote control.

You need Panasonic ID to use this function.
You can get your Panasonic ID from the following URL.

Supported Voice Assistant and Languages

Supported Voice Assistant Supported Languages
Amazon Alexa ※ English (UK, US, AU, IN, CA), German(DE), Spanish (ES, MX), Italian (IT), French (FR, CA)
Google Assistant English, German
※ Availability may depend on your Amazon account.

Set up

How to control

Please select the voice assistant and language that you are using.※

Voice Assistant Languages
Amazon Alexa English (UK, US, AU, IN, CA)
German (DE)
Spanish (ES, MX)
Italian (IT)
French (FR, CA)
Google Assistant English
※ Example commands are subject to change by Amazon or Google.

Supported TV models


A. In the voice control, not all operations are supported. For supported operations, refer to "How to control"
A. There are cases that some commands cannot be accepted depending on the TV status.
Press APPS button and select “Smart Speaker Settings”
Sign in with your Panasonic ID and Password
If your TV is not yet registered, a pop-up will appear inviting you to register it.

Choose the name of the TV.

Press APPS button and select “Smart Speaker Settings”
If your TV has already been registered,this information screen will appear.
When you choose “Unregister”, A confirmation message will be displayed.
You can unregister your TV by visiting the below URL and following the prompts

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