How to control

Power ON / OFF Turn on/off the [device name(TV)]
Change channel Next/Previous channel on [device name(TV)]
Switch to the next/previous channel on [device name(TV)]
Next/Previous channel on [device name(TV)]
Control volume Volume up/down on [device name(TV)]
Turn up/down volume on [device name(TV)]
Volume 50 on [device name(TV)]
Turn up/down volume by 10 on [device name(TV)]
Mute/Unmute [device name(TV)]
Control playback for DVR or streaming content Pause (on) the [device name(TV)]
Resume (on) the [device name(TV)]
Stop (on) the [device name(TV)]
Play (on) the [device name(TV)]
Next/Previous on the [device name(TV)]
Rewind/Fast foward on the [device name(TV)]
Change input Switch input to <input name> on [device name(TV)]