Remote Shooting | Basic Operations

You can connect the camera and a smartphone through Wi-Fi connection, and record images while displaying the live view images on the smartphone.


  1. 1Make a Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi connection to the camera.
  2. 2Tap Home Remote shooting[Remote shooting]

    The recording screen is displayed.

    • (iOS devices) When a message to confirm the change of destination is displayed, select [Join].

Basic Operations

Remote Shooting

    Buttons/Icons for Basic Operations

  1. Rec Shutter
    Shutter button
  2. Movie Rec button
    Video rec. button
  3. Playback button
    Playback button
    tap this button to display a thumbnail list of the recorded images
  4. DISP.
    Switching the display information
  5. Buttons/Icons for Recording Settings

  6. White Balance
    White Balance
  7. ISO/Gain
    ISO sensitivity/Gain
  8. Program Shift
    Program Shift, F, SS, F/SS
  9. Exposure
    Exposure compensation
  10. Q.MENU
    Use this menu to edit the recording settings.
  11. Menu
    Recording settings menu
    * The displayed menu varies depending on the context.
11. Tab menu
Tap Tab to display this menu.
* The displayed menu varies depending on the context.
12. Touch shutter Touch Shutter
13. Touch AE Touch AE
14. Fokus-Peaking Focus Peaking
15. AF point scope AF-Point Scope
16. Sheer Overlay Sheer Overlay
  • The displayed contents are some of the settings that can be changed on the digital camera.
  • Depending on the recording mode or settings, the contents displayed may vary.
    The method of operation may also differ from the digital camera.
  • After changing settings, the quality of the image displayed on your smartphone can differ from the image displayed on your digital camera.
    It is recommended that you check image quality using the playback screen on your digital camera.

Operation Method During Remote Recording

Set either the camera or the smartphone as the priority control device to be used during remote recording.

  1. 1Select [Priority of Remote Device] on the camera.

    MENU/SET[Setup][IN/OUT][Wi-Fi][Wi-Fi Setup][Priority of Remote Device][Camera] / [Smartphone]

Camera Operation is possible on both the camera and the smartphone.
  • The camera’s dial settings, etc. cannot be changed with the smartphone.
Smartphone Operation is possible only on the smartphone.
  • The camera’s dial settings, etc. can be changed with the smartphone.
  • To end remote recording, press any of the buttons on the camera to turn on the screen, and select [End].
  • The setting cannot be edited while connecting to the camera through Wi-Fi connection.
  • If the [Priority of Remote Device] is set on the Camera :

    While operating on the digital camera, a message saying “Camera operation is in progress.”, and the operation from the smartphone is disabled.
    Specifically, when the digital camera is in Playback mode, the message “Camera operation is in progress.” continues to display.
    If you want to resume operation from the smartphone, switch the digital camera to recording mode.