Bluetooth® Connection (Pairing)

Follow a simple connection setup procedure (pairing) to connect to a smartphone that supports Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • When pairing is set up, the camera also automatically connects to the smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Paring with a Camera


  1. 1Enable the Bluetooth function on the smartphone.


  1. 1On the smartphone, start up “LUMIX Sync”.

    A message regarding device (camera) registration is displayed.
    Select [Next].

  2. 2Review the content of the displayed guide and select [Next] until the screen to register the camera is displayed.
  3. 3Set the camera to Bluetooth pairing standby status.


    • The camera enters connection standby status, and the device name is displayed.
      Camera Display
  4. 4On “LUMIX Sync”, select the camera device name.
    • (iOS devices) When a message to confirm the change of destination is displayed, select [Join].
  5. 5When a message indicating that device registration is complete, select [OK].

    A Bluetooth connection between the camera and the smartphone will be made.

If “Close” is selected in Step 1:

Registration can be done using one of the following procedures:

LUMIX Sync app Guidance [Camera registration (pairing)]
LUMIX Sync app Menu [Bluetooth Setup] [ON] [Camera registration]
  • The paired smartphone is registered as a paired device.
  • Up to 5 cameras can be registered.
  • During Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth is displayed in the recording screen.
  • When the Bluetooth function is enabled, but a connection is not established with the smartphone, Bluetooth appears translucent on the Home screen.
  • When the camera returns from the sleep mode, Bluetooth connection to the camera is automatically established.
  • Once the paring setting is configured, connection can be established by operating the smartphone from the next time.
    ([Bluetooth] must be set to [ON] on the camera.)
  • Only one camera can be connected even if multiple cameras are paired.
  • (iOS device) If Wi-Fi connection to the camera fails

End Bluetooth Connection

  1. 1On the camera, set [Bluetooth] to [OFF].


  • Even if you terminate the connection, the pairing information will not be deleted.

Connecting to a Paired Camera


  1. 1On the camera, set [Bluetooth] to [ON].



  1. 1On the smartphone, start up “LUMIX Sync”.
  2. 2Tap Home Menu [Bluetooth Setup].
  3. 3Enable [Bluetooth].
  4. 4Tap the device name of the camera from items in [Camera registered].
    Camera Display
  • When it takes time to set up pairing between a smartphone and a camera, delete the pairing information of both devices and register them again. This may enable the devices to be recognized properly.

Canceling Pairing

On the camera:

  1. 1Cancel the pairing setting of the camera.


  2. 2Select the smartphone to cancel the paring.

On the smartphone:

  1. 1Tap Home Menu [Bluetooth Setup].
  2. 2From [Camera registered], tap [>] of the camera to delete.
  3. 3Tap [Cancel registration].