Useful Functions | Shutter Remote Control

Through Bluetooth connection, the camera shutter can be operated using a smartphone.

  1. 1Make a Bluetooth connection to the camera.
  2. 2Tap HomeShutter Remote Control[Shutter Remote Control].
  3. 3Start recording.
    Shutter Remote Control
    Item Tap method and count of the shutter button Recording is performed
    Video Movie Rec button Twice From the beginning to the end of the recording.
    Picture (Single) Rec Shutter Once Takes one picture each time the shutter button is pressed.
    Picture (Burst) Rec Shutter Long tap/LOCK When the Burst setting is configured, a series of pictures are continuously taken while the shutter button is long tapped or slided in the direction of [LOCK].

Bulb Recording

The shutter can be kept open from the start to end of recording, which is useful for recording of starry skies or night scenery.

  1. 1Set the camera mode dial to [M].
  2. 2Set the camera shutter speed to [B] (Bulb).
  3. 3Touch Rec Shutter to start recording (keep touching, without removing your finger).
  4. 4Remove your finger from Rec Shutter to end recording.
    • Slide Rec Shutter in the direction of [LOCK] to record with the shutter button locked in a fully-pressed state.
      (Stop the recording by sliding Shutter button back to the original position.)