Useful Functions | Location Logging

The smartphone sends its location information to the camera via Bluetooth, and the camera performs recording while writing the acquired location information.


  1. 1Enable the GPS function on the smartphone.
  2. 2Make a Bluetooth connection to the camera.
  3. 3On the camera, set [Location Logging] to [ON].

    MENU/SET[Setup][IN/OUT][Bluetooth][Location Logging][ON]


  1. 1Record images with the camera.

    Location information will be written to the recorded images.

  • When [GPS icon] appears translucent, location information cannot be acquired, so it cannot be written. When taking pictures in certain locations or situations, such as indoors or from within a bag, accurate GPS location information may not be available, and location information may not be saved.
  • Images with location information added using the location information acquiring function may contain personal information such as location information which could be used to identify you. Be aware of these issues when you upload images to a website.