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Download Information of TV for Asia

TV for Asia

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To find your TV model, please confirm the seal of the rear-panel, or a certificate.

2021 year Models

Model No. ( LCD JX700/750/800/900 series)
TH-65JX700K TH-58JX700K TH-50JX700K  
TH-65JX700T TH-58JX700T TH-50JX700T TH-40JX700T
TH-65JX700V TH-50JX700V    
TH-65JX750W TH-55JX750W TH-49JX750W TH-43JX750W
TH-65JX800K TH-55JX800K TH-49JX800K  
TH-65JX900W TH-55JX900W    
TH-65JX700H TH-58JX700H TH-50JX700H TH-40JX700H
TH-49JX800H TH-43JX800H    

Model No. ( LCD JX900/980 series)
TH-55JX900H TH-65JX900H TH-75JX900H  

Model No. ( OLED JZ2000 series )
TH-55JZ1000W TH-65JZ1000W TH-55JZ1000S TH-65JZ1000S
TH-55JZ1000G TH-55JZ1000K TH-65JZ1000K TH-55JZ1000T
TH-48JZ1000H TH-55JZ1000H TH-65JZ1000H  
TH-65JZ2000W TH-65JZ2000G TH-65JZ2000H TH-65JZ2000K