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TV for Asia

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2018-year Models

Model No. (LCD FS500/600 series )
TH-32FS500G TH-32FS500H TH-32FS500S TH-32FS500T
TH-32FS500V TH-32FS500X TH-32FS600D  
TH-40FS500G TH-40FS500H TH-40FS500K TH-40FS500N
TH-40FS500S TH-40FS500T TH-40FS500V TH-40FS500X
TH-43FS600D TH-50FS500G TH-50FS500K TH-50FS500T
TH-50FS500V TH-50FS600D TH-43FS630D TH-49FS630D
TH-32FS601D TH-43FS601D    

Model No. (LCD FX505 series)
TH-43FX505K TH-43FX505T TH-49FX505K TH-49FX505T

Model No. (LCD FX500/600 series )
TH-43FX500K TH-43FX500T TH-43FX500V TH-49FX500K
TH-49FX500T TH-49FX500V TH-43FX600G TH-43FX600H
TH-43FX500S TH-49FX500S    
TH-43FX600S TH-43FX600T TH-43FX600V TH-43FX630H
TH-49FX600G TH-49FX600H TH-49FX600K TH-49FX600N
TH-49FX600S TH-49FX600T TH-49FX630H TH-55FX600G
TH-55FX600K TH-55FX600S TH-55FX600T TH-55FX600V
TH-65FX600K TH-65FX600S TH-65FX600T TH-65FX600V
TH-43FX600D TH-43FX650D TH-49FX600D TH-49FX650D
TH-55FX600D TH-55FX650D TH-65FX600D  
TH-43FX600W TH-49FX600W TH-55FX600W TH-65FX600W
TH-43FX600X TH-49FX600X    

Model No. (LCD FX700/750/800 series )
TH-49FX700G TH-49FX700K TH-49FX700L TH-49FX700N
TH-49FX700S TH-49FX700T TH-49FX700V TH-55FX700G
TH-55FX700H TH-55FX700K TH-55FX700L TH-55FX700N
TH-55FX700S TH-55FX700T TH-55FX700V TH-65FX700H
TH-65FX700K TH-65FX700S TH-75FX750K TH-75FX750T
TH-75FX750H TH-49FX800H TH-49FX800T TH-49FX800V
TH-55FX800H TH-55FX800S TH-55FX800T TH-55FX800V
TH-65FX800H TH-65FX800S TH-65FX800V TH-75FX770W
TH-49FX700W TH-55FX700W TH-65FX700W TH-49FX800W
TH-49FX730D TH-55FX730D TH-55FX800W TH-65FX800W
TH-55FX800D TH-65FX800D    
TH-55FX700X TH-65FX700X    

Model No. ( OLD FZ950/1000 series )
TH-55FZ950G TH-55FZ950H TH-55FZ950K TH-55FZ950S
TH-55FZ950T TH-65FZ950K TH-65FZ950L TH-65FZ950S
TH-65FZ1000G TH-65FZ1000H TH-65FZ1000K TH-65FZ1000S
TH-55FZ950D TH-65FZ1000D    
TH-55FZ950W TH-65FZ950W TH-65FZ1000W  

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