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Download Information of TV for North America

TV for North America

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To find your TV model, please confirm the seal of the rear-panel, right side or a certificate.

  2012-year Models    
Model No. (PDP ST50/UT50/PUT54 series)
TC-60PUT54 TC-P50UT50 TC-P55UT50 TC-P60UT50
TC-P55ST50 TC-P60ST50 TC-P65ST50

Model No. (PDP XT50 series)
TC-P42XT50 TC-P50XT50    

Model No. (PDP GT50/VT50 series)
TC-P50GT50 TC-P55VT50 TC-P65GT55  
TC-P55GT50 TC-P60GT50 TC-P65VT50  

Model No. (LCD E50/ET5/DT50/LE54 series)
TC-47LE54 TC-L42ET5 TC-L47ET5 TC-L55E50
TC-L47DT50 TC-L55DT50 TC-L55ET5
TC-L42E50 TC-L47E50    

Model No. (LCD E5 series)
TC-L32E5 TC-L37E5 TC-L42E5 TC-L47E5

Model No. (LCD WT50 series)
TC-L47WT50 TC-L55WT50    

  2011-year Models    
Model No. (PDP X3/S30/32C/PS34/PX34 series)
TC-P42X3 TC-P46X3 TC-P50X3 TC-P60S30
TC-P4232C TC-P4632C TC-P5032C TC-60PS34
TC-42PX34 TC-P46S30 TC-50PX34 TC-P60S30UA
TC-P42S30 TC-P50S30 TC-60PS34UA  

Model No. (PDP ST30/GT30/VT30 series)
TC-P42ST30 TC-P60ST30 TC-P55GT30 TC-P55VT30
TC-P46ST30 TC-P65ST30 TC-P55GT31 TC-P65VT30
TC-P50ST30 TC-65PST34 TC-P60GT30  
TC-P55ST30 TC-P50GT30 TC-P65GT30  

Model No. (LCD X30/E3/E30 series)
TC-L32E3 TC-L37E3 TC-L42E3 TC-L42E30

Model No. (LCD DT30/D30 series)
TC-L32DT30 TC-L37DT30 TC-L42D30  
  2010-year Models    
Model No. (PDP G20, G25, GT24/25, VT20/25 series)
TC-P50G20 TC-P50G25 TC-P50GT25 TC-P58VT25
TC-P54G20 TC-P54G25 TC-P50VT20 TC-P65VT25
TC-P42G25 TC-46PGT24 TC-P50VT25  
TC-P46G25 TC-P42GT25 TC-P54VT25  

Model No. (PDP S2/U2/PS24/X2/C2/PX24 series)
TC-P42S2 TC-P42U2 TC-58PS24 TC-P50C2
TC-P46S2 TC-P46U2 TC-65PS24 TC-42PX24
TC-P50S2 TC-P50U2 TC-P42X2 TC-50PX24
TC-P54S2 TC-42PS24 TC-P50X2  
TC-P58S2 TC-50PS24 TC-P42C2  
TC-P65S2 TC-54PS24 TC-P46C2  

Model No. (LCD X2/C22/LX24/U22 series)
TC-L32LX24 TC-L22X2 TC-L37X2 TC-L37U22
TC-L32C22 TC-L32X2 TC-L32U22 TC-L42U22

Model No. (LCD U25/LS24 and D2/LD24 series)
TC-42LS24 TC-L42U25    
TC-L37D2 TC-L42D2 TC-42LD24