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Image App (Android) - Digital Video Camera -


Preparation : Connect smartphone to video camera via Wi-Fi.

  1. Start this application and tap at bottom of screen Video / still picture thumbnails are displayed.
  2. Tap a thumbnail to open
    The playback screen is displayed.
    • Scroll (finger drag up / down) thumbnail display screen to display previous / next screen.
    • Will show for video thumbnails.
    • Will be displayed on videos / still pictures protected on video camera.
    • 3D videos are converted into 2D video. 3D still pictures are converted into 2D still pictures.
    • When using HC-X920 / X929 / X920M / V520 / V520M / V720 / V727 / V720M / V727M, scenes recorded in iFrame cannot be played.


  • Depending on signal strength, screen may take time to display and/or scrolling may not be smooth.
  • When playing back video, if the image quality of the video is high or the signal is weak, the playback may not run smoothly and skip frames.
  • Depending on the type of smartphone, you may not be able to save or play. Please check your smartphone specifications to confirm compatible video types.
  • When displaying enlarged images, there may be some grid-shaped noise in the enlarged image. This noise appears when the image is enlarged, and it does not mean that there is noise in the original image.
  • For videos or still pictures that cannot be played back with this application, the "!" thumbnail will be displayed.
  • When is displayed in the thumbnail, you cannot save the still picture or video to your smartphone. There is a possibility that even if the icon is not displayed, depending on the model of your smartphone, you will be unable to save.

    About scenes recorded in AVCHD

  • Playback may not occur normally depending on the smartphone model.
  • Playback of the last few seconds of a scene and of scenes only a few seconds long may not occur normally.
  • Fast-forwarding / rewinding may take time depending on the smartphone model.
  • Playback may stop if the screen is rotated horizontally / vertically during playback.
Switching referents
  1. Tap / (one of the two will be displayed) at the top of the screen
    Referent list appears.
  2. Tap selected referent
Referent list follows:  

[Video camera (SD)]* Videos / still pictures saved on the SD card inserted in the video camera

[Video camera (built-in memory) ]* Videos / still pictures saved in the video camera internal memory

[Gallery] Videos / still pictures stored in [Gallery]

* Not displayed when not connected to Wi-Fi. It may take time to be displayed.
Switching thumbnail display recording format

On the thumbnail display screen, tap recording format icon (*1) on top of screen to display the following list. You can tap the recording format you want to display to switch the display.

  • AVCHD *2
  • MP4/iFrame *3 *4
  • MP4 *3
  • JPEG
  • 4K *4 *5
  • 4K(MP4) *4
  • 2160/24p *4 *5
  • 1080/24p *4 *5
  • 24p *4 *5
  • Backup *4
  • Backup for Twin Camera *4 *5

*1 Icon when [AVCHD] is selected. The icon will change based on the recording format.
*2 Not displayed when the referent is [Gallery].
*3 iFrame scenes and scenes saved in highlights, highlighted stored scenes and iFrame scenes are also displayed.
*4 Will not be displayed if the recording format does not support it.
*5 Displayed according to the device you are using.

Selecting multiple videos / still pictures
     Tap [Select] at top of Multi Playback screen and check several images for multiple selection. Tap [Cancel] to return to original screen.

Sending unsent videos / still pictures
     Tap at top of thumbnail display screen to display unsent video / still picture list and choose options. Number of unsent videos / still pictures is shown
     together with this icon.