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Image App (Android) - Digital Video Camera -

Connecting video camera through Wi-Fi

Begins Wi-Fi connection setup* in order to use this application's function.

*Available Wi-Fi features differ depending on the type of Wi-Fi connection.
Consult the video camera's user manual if you would like to learn more details, if you have trouble connecting,
or would like to connect via a different method than those listed below.

Connecting with QR code

  1. Press the video camera's Wi-Fi button, and touch [Wi-Fi Setup] > [Direct Connection] > [Change connection type]
  2. Touch [QR code]
    QR code is displayed on the LCD monitor of the video camera.
  3. Start this application
  4. Scan QR code displayed on the LCD monitor of the video camera with the smartphone

Connecting via NFC*

*This function can be used with Android and works with NFC-compatible devices. (Excluding some models)

  1. Start this application
    is displayed on the screen.
  2. Touch the smartphone to of the video camera
    Once connection is complete, the video camera's image will be displayed on the screen.
    • If the video camera is not recognized even after touching, change positions and try again.
    • If is not displayed on the screen of this application, then the smartphone is not compatible with the NFC camera function. Please try other methods of connecting.
  • Since Wi-Fi connection drains battery quickly it is better to recharge before use when power is low.