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Adding location information from smartphone onto digital camera images (Geotagging)*1, *2

*1 This function is not available on smartphones not equipped with the location information acquiring function.
*2 When using DC-G90 G91 G95 TZ95 TZ96 TZ97 ZS80 FZ1000M2 FZ10002 LX100M2 GX9 TZ200 TZ202 TZ220 ZS200 ZS220 GH5S G9 GH5
    See " Use the Bluetooth function", " Recording location information to the camera's images".


  1. Connect smartphone to digital camera via Wi-Fi
    • For connection procedure, see instructions for each device.
    • Activate location information option on smartphone.
Adding location information on images in digital camera
  1. Tap  
  2. Tap [Geotagging]  
  3. (When you are using a model not listed below.)
    DMC-GM1 GX7 G6 GF6 TZ57 SZ10 TZ55 TZ60 SZ8 LF1 TZ40 FT5 SZ9
    This operation is not required. The time synchronization is automatically performed. Please go to the next operation.
  4. Tap    to adjust current time on digital camera
  5. Tap    to start recording location information
    • Tap again to stop recording.
    • Please stop recording location information when not using it as it consumes battery quickly while active.
  6. Taking still pictures
    • Depending on the model, you may be unable to take pictures with your digital camera while connected to Wi-Fi.
      In that case, please disconnect your Wi-Fi before taking pictures. You can connect again once you are finished.
  7. Tap    to send location data to digital camera
    • You can batch send location data obtained for pictures you have taken with your digital camera.
    • Once you finish sending the location data, the message [Location data sent. Erase location data?] will be displayed.
    • Select either [Erase] or [Cancel].
  8. Write location data to recorded still pictures
    • When using DC-FT7 TS7 GF10 TZ90 TZ91 TZ92 TZ93 ZS70 FZ80 FZ82 GF9 GX800 GX850, DMC-FZ2000 FZ2500 LX9 LX10 LX15
      G80 G81 G85 GX80 GX85 GF8 TZ100 TZ101 TZ110 ZS100 ZS110 TZ80 TZ81 ZS60 FZ300 FZ330 GX8 G7 G70 GF7
      TZ70 TZ71 ZS50 GM5 GM1S LX100 FZ1000 GH4:

      When sending location data to your digital camera in step (6), a message [Save the current location information to the picture file?] will be displayed.
      If you tap [Write], the location data taken with a smartphone will be written onto the recorded still picture.
      If you want to write the location data to multiple still pictures at once, repeat the steps from step (6) after taking multiple still pictures in step (5).
      If you want to stop Geotagging, tap    and stop recording location data.
    • When using the others:
      Manual operation of the digital camera is required to save location information. For using sent location data, see the digital camera operating instructions.
Displaying operational condition / log

Tap    , operational condition will be displayed in the    area.
Tap    to display location information recording logs. Max. log storage capacity is 20 entries.
New entries exceeding max. amount will overwrite previous data.

Setting recording interval

Tap    to select location information recording interval.
1, 5, 15, 30, 60 sec. intervals are available.

  • After recording begins, location data will continue to be recorded according to the set recording interval.
    During that time, If you film with the digital camera while switching multiple SD cards*, please repeat the following steps for each SD card.
    * SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Cards are indicated as “SD Memory Cards” in this text.

    (a) Switch the SD Memory Card in the digital camera.
    (b) After confirming the connection between the digital camera and smartphone has not been disconnected, repeat steps (5) - (7).
  • Images with location information added using the location information acquiring function may contain personal information such as location information which could be used to identify you. Be aware of these issues when you upload images to a website.
  • When taking still pictures in certain locations such as indoors, accurate GPS location information may not be available, and location information may not be saved.
  • Max. location data storage capacity is 600,000* entries. New entries exceeding max. amount will overwrite older data.
    * Approx recording period is 1 month when recording interval is set at a 5-sec.
  • For using sent location data, see digital camera operating instructions.