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Image App (android) - 4K Video Camera -

Remote control recording

If you check an image or sound when recording videos while the wearable camera is connected wirelessly to a smartphone, etc., howling* may occur. In that case, lower the volume of the smartphone.
* Refers to a phenomenon in which a microphone outputs an abnormal sound when it picks up a sound from a speaker.

Preparation : Connect smartphone to video camera camera via Wi-Fi.

  1. Start this application and tap at bottom of screen
    The recording screen is displayed.
    • Recording information (setting icons, etc.) is displayed on the screen.
  2. Tap
    Video recording is started. Tap again to stop recording video.
Using zoom

Move the zoom lever toward T (telephoto) to magnify and toward W (Wide) to widen zoom.

Recording Settings

Tap the icons below to perform each setting.

Please refer “Menu ” for others.

Gain adjustment
White Balance Settings
Iris (Aperture) / Shutter Speed Adjustment
Focus Assist Settings
Infinity Focus
Push AF
Focus Adjustment

* Depending on the recording mode or settings, the contents displayed may vary.