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MotionSD STUDIO Ver.1.2EL19 Update program

Update installer information

Target software MotionSD STUDIO Ver. 1.0E/Ver. 1.1E
Post-application Version Ver. 1.2E L19
Registration name/volume
  • MSDS120E_Setup.000 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.001 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.002 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.003 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.004 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.005 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.006 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.007 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.008 /20.0MB(20,971,520 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.009 /8.16MB(8,9567,488 bytes)
  • MSDS120E_Setup.bat /240 Bytes(240 bytes)
Date Updated July 10, 2007

Update target

  • MotionSD STUDIO Ver.1.0E (SDR-S100 included)
  • MotionSD STUDIO Ver.1.1E (SDR-S200 included)

Update contents

This program is now compatible with the following Windows Vista editions.

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Basic


  • This updater is only effective if installed with an SD video camera connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  • This update program is effective only for the target version. Please do not try to use it with other versions, since you may damage your existing software.

Please read the following text well

Download Procedures

Prepare a folder on the hard disk to receive the downloaded file.

Download the following file into the folder created in STEP 1.

It is necessary to agree with the Software License Agreement to use the software.
Read the document carefully before installing the file.

Once the download is finished, select the downloaded file with Explore and check the file size. If the size is identical, then the download was successful. If the size is different, delete the file and download it again.

Double-click the "MSDS120E_Setup.bat" file downloaded in STEP2
"MSDS120E_Setup.exe" can be used.
* A security warning screen may appear after double-clicking "MSDS120E_Setup.bat". Click ?RunĀEto continue the process.

Installation Procedures

* Update methods vary depending on whether or not you are running Windows Vista on your computer and whether it was pre-installed or upgraded from an earlier OS.
Please check the page below and follow the appropriate update procedures.
Update Methods and Troubleshooting Q&A