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LUMIX Digital Camera Know-Hows
Tele-Conversion and Wide-Conversion Lenses
When the photographer wants just a bit more telephoto, or just a little wider viewing angle, he or she can easily change the lens' focal length by attaching a tele-conversion or wide-conversion lens. The tele-conversion lens increases the magnification of the lens, which enhances the telephoto effect. The wide-conversion lens increases the angle of the lens, expanding the field of view. With compact digital cameras and others that do not have interchangeable lenses, simply attaching the desired conversion lens provides a convenient solution.

Tele-Conversion Lens
A tele-conversion lens increases the lens' magnification.
Use the tele-conversion lens in situations where just a bit more telephoto would let you take a stronger, more appealing picture. Attaching this lens to your current lens provides more magnification, and the increased telephoto creates a more intense, forceful image.
*Even distant subjects are pulled in close.
Equivalent to 140mm
Wide-Conversion Lens
A wide-angle conversion lens expands the viewing angle.
Use a wide-conversion lens to photograph expansive scenery or large groups of people, and capture the energy of the scene. Attaching this lens widens the viewing angle and gives the image a feeling of greater scale.
*Even close-up subjects are captured with a wide range.
Equivalent to 28mm
Watch for F-stop changes!
  • Two types of conversion lenses can be used. a "front tele-conversion lens" that attaches to the front of the main lens and a "rear tele-conversion lens" that attaches to the rear of the main lens. Be aware that attaching a rear tele-conversion lens increases the main lens' maximum F-stop and darkens the image.
  • All Panasonic conversion lenses are front conversion type lenses, so the camera's F-stop is unchanged.

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