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Lens Types: Soft, Macro and Fisheye
Designed specifically to produce a special effect, these are often called specialpurpose lenses. Soft lenses soften the periphery of a sharply-focused subject and add a gentle glow of light. Macro lenses capture ultra-close photographs of tiny subjects, like flowers and insects. And fisheye lenses provide extreme viewing angles of 180 degrees or more that curve a wide section of the photo as if looking through the rounded eye of a fish.

Soft Lens
Macro Lens
Fisheye Lens
This lens produces unique images that keep the center of the lens in sharp focus and infuse the periphery with a soft glow of light, similar to an impressionist painting. The feeling of illusion created by this lens makes it a popular choice for women's portraits and flower photography.
This special lens is designed for ultra-close-up photography. Typically this lens magnifies subjects so they appear the same size as they are in real life, though 1/2 magnification lenses that photograph subjects at half-size are also available. Macro lenses are used primarily for photographing flowers, insects and other small subjects.
As though looking through the rounded eye of a fish, photos taken with this lens have an extremely curved periphery. Lenses with ultra-wide viewing angles of 180 degrees or more are available, which distort a wide section of the image. Close-up photography with these short focal length lenses gives images an extremely strong feeling of perspective.

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