< Notice regarding DC-GH6 version 2.1/2.2 firmware update >

The DC-GH6 version 2.1/2.2 firmware update procedure is different from the normal update procedure.
In addition, the update will take longer than usual.
Please read the following carefully and carry out preparations before proceeding with the update operation.

●Time required for version 2.1/2.2 update: Approximately 15 to 30 minutes (including preparation time)

*Please allow for a maximum of 30 minutes depending on the condition of the equipment.
*When version 2.1 is implemented, the software is automatically updated to version 2.2.
*If the internal temperature of the device is high, such as immediately after shooting for a long period of time or
when the ambient temperature is high,the update will be interrupted and you may be asked to wait
with the power turned off for about an hour until the temperature cools down.
Try to avoid updating after the equipment has been used or in a high-temperature environment as much as possible.
●Firmware version 2.2
Operating Instructions for the Change of Specifications
*Version 2.1 is an update for preparation necessary to update to version 2.2.
*The update procedure is only available in English.