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Mar. 24, 2021
  1. RAW video data output over HDMI
    - [4K] / [Anamorphic (4:3) 3.7K] 12-bit RAW video data can be output over HDMI.
    »The Apple ProRes RAW can be recorded on Atomos Ninja V.
    *All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
    *Software that supports Apple ProRes RAW is required to edit RAW video recorded with Ninja V.
    *A LUT (Lookup table) exclusively designed for RAW video recorded on NINJA V is available on the following customer support website to make the same color grading as V-Log/V-Gamut.
    *AtomOS v10.63 will be required to support the RAW out function of the Lumix BGH1.
    This Atomos v10.63 update will be available to download from the 31st March 2021, as a free download service from the Atomos website: https://www.atomos.com/product-support
  2. IP Streaming capability
    - RTP/RTSP streaming of video and audio (ACC) via wired LAN is possible.
    4K/60p/50Mbps, 4K/60p/25Mbps, 4K/30p/25Mbps, 4K/30p/12.5Mbps
    4K/50p/50Mbps, 4K/50p/25Mbps, 4K/25p/25Mbps, 4K/25p/12.5Mbps
    FHD/60p/20Mbps, FHD/60p/16Mbps, FHD/30p/12Mbps, FHD/30p/6Mbps
    FHD/50p/20Mbps, FHD/50p/16Mbps, FHD/25p/12Mbps, FHD/25p/6Mbps
    4K/60p/50Mbps, 4K/60p/25Mbps, 4K/30p/25Mbps, 4K/30p/12.5Mbps
    4K/50p/50Mbps, 4K/50p/25Mbps, 4K/25p/25Mbps, 4K/25p/12.5Mbps
    FHD/60p/16Mbps, FHD/60p/8Mbps, FHD/30p/6Mbps, FHD/30p/3Mbps
    FHD/50p/16Mbps, FHD/50p/8Mbps, FHD/25p/6Mbps, FHD/25p/3Mbps
    HD/60p/6Mbps, HD/30p/4Mbps, HD/50p/6Mbps, HD/25p/4Mbps
  3. SD Memory Card formatting via PC connection
    - It is possible to format the SD Memory Card from the camera menu on the live view display of LUMIX Tether while the camera is connected with the PC.
  4. Genlocking status display
    - Synchronization status can be shown on the external monitor connected via HDMI or SDI when the camera is under Genlock synchronization.
  5. Other improvement
    - Users can choose to add or not to add camera orientation information in [Vertical Position Info (Video)] menu to prevent unintended image rotation in playback.
* For settings and controls over the BGH1 via PC during IP streaming, LUMIX Tether for Multicam PC software should also be updated to Ver.1.1 or higher.
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