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1. Connecting to Internet

This unit can access the Gracenote database when it is connected to the Internet and automatically obtain title information for music CD's.

Basic connection


To connect to the internet, it is necessary to have a modem (With LAN terminal), a router, and a hub/switch.
Please note that many of the products in the linked compatibility lists combine the router and hub/switch functions. As such, it is not necessary to purchase individual components to assemble a compatible network.

Internet connection

Select the broadband connection you use.




  • Set connections as instructed by your Internet provider.
  • The connections shown are only examples and may vary by connection type and provider.

Confirmed provider and router list

North America


  • SC-PTX7 does not have PPPoE connection capability. It is necessary to set up PPPoE setting with modem/Broadband router.
  • When using a wireless access point it is best to use a LAN adapter from the same company to avoid any incompatibility that could cause a communication breakdown between the SC-PTX7 and the network.
  • PC card and USB wireless LAN cards are not compatible and will not work with the SC-PTX7.
  • Use 10BASE-T. 100BASE-T compatible router and hub/switch.