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Notice of Skype support termination

Jun. 27, 2016

Skype* has announced that starting in June they will no longer support Skype for TV.

*Skype Communications SARL, a division of Microsoft Corp.

The Skype app on the affected devices should still work, however some initial changes will be made as follows:

  • ● Skype will no longer issue new Skype Names; users with existing Skype Names can continue to use those to log into the Skype app.
  • ● Affected devices will not support the ability to change the password for Skype Names; if a password change is desired, that change will need to be made on another device.

For more information on the service changes, please visit the Skype website.

Skype Support:

The Skype app on the affected models may continue to work with some limitations above, but the situation may change in the future as Skype no longer supports the app.

Affected Models
Please select your region to check which models are affected.

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