Technics Audio Player
for Windows / Mac

The Technics Audio Player is a music player application for Windows and Mac with high-resolution audio data processing capabilities. Combining Technics USB-DAC units (see below) will allow to playback high resolution audio files with simple and easy operation.
(To use on Windows PC, installation of dedicated USB Driver is required to connect and use Technics products.)

Main Features

  • Playlist Function (Create, Edit and Saving)
  • Play /Pause/Stop/Next/Previous
  • Shuffle(Random)
  • Repeat (Playlist, 1-Track)
  • CD Playback / Playlist Playback

Supported File Formats (Extension)

  • PCM(.wav) : 44.1k - 384kHz/16 - 32bit
  • FLAC(.flac) : 44.1k - 384kHz/16 - 24bit
  • MP3(.mp3) : 32k - 320kbps
  • DSF(.dsf) : 2.8/5.6/11.2MHz, 22.4MHz(Windows OS, ASIO Native mode only)
  • DSDIFF(.dff) : 2.8/5.6/11.2MHz, 22.4MHz(Windows OS, ASIO Native mode only)
  • AIFF(.aiff,.aif) : 44.1k - 384kHz/16 - 32bit
  • ALAC(.m4a) : 32k - 96kHz/16 - 24bit

Compatible Models

Network Audio Control Player
Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Network Audio Amplifier
Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Network Audio Player
Stereo Integrated Amplifier
CD Stereo System
CD Stereo Amplifier


Please access from Windows or Mac to download the software.

Licences (as of January 2021)

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