Save / Delete

The digital camera's still pictures and videos can be saved to and deleted from the smartphone.

  1. Wheniconis displayed in the thumbnail, you cannot save the still picture or video to your smartphone.
    There is a possibility that even if the icon is not displayed, depending on the model of your smartphone, you will be unable to save.
  2. Pictures in RAW format, AVCHD motion pictures, MP4 motion pictures with a [Rec Quality] size of [4K], [MP4 HEVC], [MP4(LPCM)], [MOV] format, 6K/4K burst files and images recorded with the [Post Focus] function cannot be saved.
  3. Group pictures cannot be transferred, saved, or deleted together.
  4. 3D still pictures (MPO format) are saved as 2D still pictures (JPEG).
  5. Protected images will not be deleted.


  1. Connect to a camera via Wi-Fi


  1. Tapicon

    The thumbnail display screen is displayed.

  2. Tap and hold the image, and drag it to save or delete

    When tapped, images are enlarged.
    You can assign functions on the edges to wherever you prefer.

Tap [Select] at the top of Multi Playback screen and check several images for multiple selection. Deselect all by tappingicon.
On this screen, tapicon/iconat the bottom of the screen to save or delete the selected images from your smartphone.


(The illustration is an example.)

  1. The following forward destination tabs will show:
iconSave in smartphone.
  • Saving may be slow depending on image size.
iconSend to [LUMIX CLUB]*.
  • You need to log in with your ID. Tap [Sign up] and follow registration instructions to get a login ID.

* By uploading images to our website LUMIX CLUB, you can download them to Panasonic AV equipment in your home or elsewhere, and you can also submit them to sharing services on websites run by other companies. Settings are required before using it. See [Setting LUMIX CLUB] for information on settings.

icon You can set 5 level ratings for images.
iconDelete images.
  1. Available referent list follows:
    (icon: available icon: not available)
Referent list Forward destination tab
[Camera Roll]iconiconicon
[LUMIX CLUB Folder]   
  1. Tap the [Transfer image]iconon the home screen
  2. Tap [Batch transfer]
  3. Choose the shooting period and the type of image (still pictures, videos, or both)
    1. Images that match the criteria will be automatically transferred to the smartphone.
  1. Using [Batch transfer] may create duplicates of previously transferred pictures.