1. Connect to a camera via Wi-Fi


  1. Tapicon

    Multiple image list appears. (Multi Playback)

    1. Scrollicon(finger drag up/down) screen to display previous/next screen.
    2. Tap the Picture group thumbnail to display a list of the images in the group. These icons will not be appeared when your digital camera is not compatible with each correspondence recording settings.
    3. Depending on signal strength, screen may take time to display and/or scrolling may not be smooth.
icon Video
icon*1 Burst
Picture saved using [6K/4K PHOTO Bulk Saving]
icon*1 Time Lapse Shot
icon*1 Stop Motion Animation
icon*1 Focus Bracket
icon/icon 6K/4K Photo (6K/4K burst file)
icon Post Focus
icon Protected picture (Images protected on digital camera)
icon Rating
*1 Group pictures
  1. Tap image to play back

    Images are played back.

    1. Flickicon(finger touch and slide) screen left/right to display next/previous image.
    2. Image name and recording time will show at top of screen.
    3. 3D still pictures will be played back in 2D.

(The illustration is an example.)

By tappingicon, and selecting from [OFF] toicon, you can set the [Rating] of the image to off, or 1 to 5. (You can only set AVCHD to [OFF] and [5].)

  1. When playing back video, if the image quality of the video is high or the signal is weak, the playback may not run smoothly and skip frames.
  2. When copying images from digital camera to smartphone, it may take some time depending on the image type and Wi-Fi connection strength.
  3. Depending on the type of smartphone, you may not be able to save or play. Please check your smartphone specifications to confirm compatible video types.
  4. When displaying enlarged images, there may be some grid-shaped noise in the enlarged image. This noise appears when the image is enlarged, and it does not mean that there is noise in the original image.
  5. For videos or still pictures that cannot be played back with this application, the “!” thumbnail will be displayed.

Switching referents

  1. Tapicon/icon(one of the two will be displayed) at the top of the screen

    Referent list appears.

  2. Tap selected referent
    1. Referent list follows:
Images saved onto the digital camera currently connected by Wi-Fi.
[Gallery] Images stored in [Gallery] (Android)
[Camera Roll] Images stored in [Camera Roll] (iOS)
[LUMIX CLUB Folder] Images shared with [LUMIX CLUB Folder]*2

*1 Displaying may be slow.
Not displayed when digital camera is not Wi-Fi connected.

*2 This is a shared folder based on [LUMIX CLUB].
By uploading images to our website LUMIX CLUB, you can download them to Panasonic AV equipment in your home or elsewhere, and you can also submit them to sharing services on websites run by other companies.

View images automatically sent by the digital camera each time a picture is taken

When the digital camera is to set to [Send Images While Recording], the recorded images will be automatically sent to the smartphone, and added to [Camera Roll] (iOS) or [Gallery] (Android).
To playback added images, tapicon, go to the playback screen, and change the referents to [Camera Roll] or [Gallery].

  1. It may take some time to display the information.