Tapiconto display menu screen below and set available options*1:

[Set connect. dest.]
 Changes the Wi-Fi connection.
[Live Control Settings]

[Self shot mode]*2

When taking a picture of yourself, the image on the screen of your smartphone will be flipped (a mirror image).

[Live Control quality]

Sets the quality of the image displayed on a smartphone screen.

[Jump Snap]

Sets the sensitivity of the Jump Snap.
For details please see “Taking pictures mid-jump”.
[Playback settings]

[Picture Sort[LUMIX]]

The playback order for images can be set either to alphabetical order by file name or by recording date.

[“Picture Share” settings]

Sets the destination by dragging and dropping icons on the screen to tabs on the screen edges.

[Size:Copy from Camera]

Sets the size of images received from the digital camera.

[Size:Upl. to Web]

Sets the size of images sent to the Web.

[Erase Upload loc.]

If the sent image contains any location information, the information will be deleted.

[LUMIX CLUB settings]

The settings below can be performed if [Start LUMIX CLUB function use] is on. You need to log in with your ID. Tap [Sign up] and follow registration instructions to get a login ID.

[Manage login ID]

Allows you to register or change a login ID.

[Set camera login ID]

The login ID set for this application will be set for the digital camera while connected.
The notification for this setting will only be displayed if a login ID is already set for this application while a login ID has not been set on the digital camera.

[Cloud sync. settings]

Allows you to adjust the settings for using the Cloud Sync. Service.

[Regist. Web Service]

Allows you to register web service.

[Register AV devices]

Allows you to register AV devices.

[Uploaded images]

Allows you to confirm or delete sent images.

[Select video player]*3

You can select any video player that is installed on your smartphone.
[Application function]

[Network name]

DLNA names displayed on other devices can be changed.

*1 The displayed contents differ depending on whether the device is connected to Wi-Fi or not. It also differs if the device has been connected to Wi-Fi in the past.

*2 The actual screen when taking pictures is not flipped.

*3 Compatible device: Android devices