Edit still pictures on Photo Collage function

Take your favorite still pictures and combine them together on one image on your own.


  1. Connect to a camera via Wi-Fi


  1. Tapicon
  2. Tap [Photo Collage]icon
  3. Pick a frame

    The frame selection screen is displayed.

    1. Tap the frame you want to use.
      The number of still pictures you can use will vary depending upon the frame.
  4. Choose a still picture*

    The still picture thumbnails are displayed.

    1. Please put a check mark in the thumbnails of the still pictures you want to insert into the frame.

    * If the digital camera is not connected, the thumbnails of still pictures saved in [Camera Roll] (For iOS devices) or [Gallery] (For Android devices) will be displayed.

  5. Tap [Execute]

    It will begin to insert the still pictures into the selected frame.

    1. If you want to change the photo frame, please tapicon.
    2. If you want to change the still pictures, please tap the smartphone's back button, and please reselect still pictures from step 4.
  6. Tapiconand save the edited image

    The message [The pictures have been saved.] will be displayed.

    1. To conclude editing in photo frame, tap [Exit].
  1. Images that have been edited once cannot be re-edited later.
  2. If a video is selected, the image being displayed as the thumbnail can be used.