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2014-year Models

Model No. (LCD A400 series)

Model No. (LCD AS500 series)
TX-24AS510B TX-32AS500B TX-32AS520B TX-39AS500B
TX-42AS500B TX-42AS520B TX-50AS500B TX-50AS520B

Model No. (LCD AS600 series)
TX-32AS600B TX-39AS600B TX-42AS600B TX-50AS600B

Model No. (LCD AS640/650 series)
TX-40AS640B TX-48AS640B TX-55AS640B TX-42AS650B
TX-47AS650B TX-50AS650B TX-55AS650B TX-60AS650B

Model No. (LCD AS740 series)
TX-42AS740B TX-47AS740B TX-55AS740B  

Model No. (LCD AS800 series)
TX-47AS802B TX-55AS802B TX-60AS802B  

Model No. (LCD AX800 series)
TX-50AX802B TX-58AX802B TX-65AX802B  

Model No. (LCD AX630 series)
TX-40AX630B TX-48AX630B TX-55AX630B  

Model No. (LCD AX6900 series )
TX-55AX902B TX-65AX902B TX-85X942B  

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