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Firmware Update Procedure for TV

Firmware Update Procedures

Step 3. Copy the firmware file onto an USB flash memory.

Preparation of the USB flash memory

Please prepare a formatted USB flash memory with more available free space than the self-extracted file.
Note : When formatting the USB flash memory, all data (including protected data) will be erased and can not be recovered. Please ensure you back up your important data so you don't lose it.

Insert your formatted USB flash memory to your USB slot of your PC.

Copy the file into the Root directory (*1) of the USB flash memory.
(*1) Root directory = The first or top-most directory in the hierarchy.

Step 4. Install the firmware update.

  1. Turn on the TV.

  2. Insert the USB flash memory prepared in STEP 3 into the USB terminal of your TV.
    Please use USB 1 input of your TV.

  3. Press OK button.

  4. Pleese wait until download is completed.

  5. Following screen appears.

  6. When the download is finished the TV should start as usual.

  7. Confirm the new version of the system software. Refer to Step1.

  8. Note : If the update fails, please switch the set on and off at least 3 times and try again.

If you have any problems after installing the new firmware, please contact the Global Service Center Network.