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Touch pen Information of VIERA for Asia

VIERA 2013-year Models for Asia

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VIERA 2013-year Models  
Country/ Area Plasma TV Model Number
China VT60,S60 TY-TP10C
Hong Kong VT60 TY-TP10W
India S60,ST60,VT60 TY-TP10W
Indonesia S60,ST60,VT60 TY-TP10W
Malaysia S60,ST60,VT60 TY-TP10W
Philippines ST60,VT60 TY-TP10W
Singapore ST60,VT60 TY-TP10W
Taiwan ST60,VT60
Thai Land S60,ST60,VT60 TY-TP10W
Vietnam ST60,VT60 TY-TP10W