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USB-HDD Information of VIERA for Latin America

VIERA 2015/2014-year Models for Latin America

Please select your TV model
To find your TV model, please confirm the seal of the rear-panel, or a certificate.

VIERA 2015-year Models

Country/ Area LCD TV
Brazil X640

VIERA 2014-year Models

Country/ Area LCD TV
Brazil AS700

Your TV has been confirmed to record via USB to the following USB-HDD models.
(You must use an AC adaptor.)

Maker Model Number
Buffalo Drive Station HD-AVS2.0U3
Western Digital My Book AV-TV WDBGLG0020HBK
  • Operation is not guaranteed in the all cases.
  • Operation is not guaranteed with all hardware and software revisions.
  • The USB-HDD models may not be sold in the country where you are using the TV.
  • Analogue TV programmes cannot be recorded to the USB-HDD.
  • Not all the programmes can be recorded depending on the broadcaster and service provider.
  • When the TV is repaired due to a malfunction, you may have to format the USB-HDD again with the TV to use it.
    (All data will be erased when formatting.)
  • In order to use the USB-HDD with your PC after recording with this TV, format it again on your PC.
    (Special operations or tools may be necessary to format on your PC. For details, refer to the manual of the USB-HDD.)
  • The data recorded to the USB-HDD with this TV can only be played back on this TV.
    You cannot playback the data on other TVs (including the TV of the same model number) or any PCs.