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Gamepad Information of VIERA 2013-year Models

Country or Area: Europe/UK/Ireland/CIS


Country/Area Plasma TV LCD TV
Europe(except UK/Ireland) ZT60, VT60, GT60, VTW60, GTW60 WT60, DT60, FT60, WTW60, DTW60, FTW60
UK/Ireland ZT65, VT65, GT60 WT65, DT65, FT60
CIS VT60 WT60, DT60, FT60

The Following gamepads have been tested for the basic performance with your TV when connecting via USB.

Model Number
Logitech Gamepad F310
Gamepad F510
Gamepad F710
  • Operation is not guaranteed in the add cases.
  • Operation is not guaranteed with all hardware and software revisions.
  • Not all the operations with the keys of gamepad are guaranteed.
  • Depending on the country and region, these gamepads may not be available.