DC-G100 / DC-G110

  • When the temperature of the camera rises due to a high surrounding temperature or performing continuous recording, Overheat Warning may be displayed on the application while recording (a warning message alone is displayed in other area than the recording screen), and recording may stop halfway through. Wait until the camera cools down.
  • Wi-Fi connection consumes the battery more. If the remaining battery is low, charge the battery before use.
  • The operation buttons and display menus may vary depending on the following conditions:
    • Connection history between Panasonic digital camera equipped with a Wi-Fi function and a smartphone, connected devices, recording mode, and connection history with LUMIX Sync
    • Connected or disconnected to Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
    • Smartphone OS and language settings
    • LUMIX Sync Version
  • The smartphone and the tablet are collectively referred to as the “smartphone”.
  • This instruction uses the display screen of Android for an explanatory purpose. (The display may vary from that of iOS.) Also, the displayed content may vary depending on the camera settings.
  • Images transferred and saved to the smartphone can be viewed using “Photos” or “Gallery” app in the smartphone.
  • Required Wireless Connectivity Mode
    Bluetooth connection*1
    Both Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi connection*1
    Wi-Fi Connection*2

    *1 Indicates that the function can be used with smartphones that support Bluetooth Low Energy.

    *2 Indicates that the function can be used with smartphones that do not support Bluetooth Low Energy.