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Image App (Android) - Digital Video Camera -

Using a smartphone to play back videos / still pictures from the video camera on a television

* This function is not available when using HX-A1H / A1M.

By connecting the smartphone or video camera to a television supporting the DLNA* standard DMR (Digital Media Renderer) function via Wi-Fi, you can playback videos and still pictures on the video camera.

  • Regarding applicable televisions, please check the following website.
  • The format of the video which can be played depends on the model of the video camera. Please see the instruction manual regarding scenes that can be played.
  • Please connect the smartphone, video camera and television to the same wireless access point. For setting method(s), please read the related instructions for each device.
  • Push the video camera's Wi-Fi button, and touch [Link to Cell]. By the way, it is not possible to use [DLNA Play] from smartphone.
    1. Start this application and tap at bottom of screen
         The thumbnail display screen is displayed.
    2. Tap a thumbnail you want to play back and make a selection
    3. Tap on top of screen, and select [Play on TV]
      Videos / still pictures are displayed on the connected television, and you can perform operations such as play and stop with the smartphone.
Play back from where you tapped.
Skip to the previous scene.
Play / Pause
Skip to the next scene.
  • If multiple devices can be connected, a list of devices will be displayed on the screen. Please select the device you want to connect from the list.
  • The image is not displayed on the smartphone.
  • It may take time for the playback to begin.
  • Images recorded in 3D will be played back as 2D images.
  • Scenes recorded in iFrame cannot be played.
  • Scenes recorded in MP4 cannot be played.
  • Depending on your television, when you play scenes recorded in AVCHD, the video may not be played with AVCHD video quality.

* DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard that makes DLNA Certified digital electronics easier and more convenient to use on a home network.