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Image App (iOS) - Digital Camera -

Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi connects automatically when pairing the camera with Bluetooth.
Please refer to the digital camera operating instructions when making a Wi-Fi connection without using Bluetooth.


Bluetooth connection (Pairing) *1*2

Cloud backup and Wi-Fi connection is automatically performed by connecting your camera via Bluetooth.

*1 Compatible models : DC-G90 G91 G95 TZ95 TZ96 TZ97 ZS80 FZ1000M2 FZ10002 LX100M2 GX9 TZ200 TZ202 TZ220 ZS200 ZS220 GH5S G9 GH5
*2 Compatible devices : iOS 9.3 or later (Except iPad 2)


  1. Please put the camera on pairing standby mode
    • See digital camera operating instructions for details.


  1. Tap displayed at the bottom of the screen, then tap
  2. Activate [Bluetooth]
  3. Select the device name displayed on the camera’s screen from the [Camera enable to be registered] list*
    * Up to 18 characters of the device name are displayed.
    • Bluetooth connection between the camera and the smartphone will be made.
    • If [Wi-Fi Password] is set to [OFF] on the camera, select [Wi-Fi Setup]. (At the time of purchase, [Wi-Fi Password] is set to [OFF])
    • If [Wi-Fi Password] is set to [ON] on the camera, you need to install the profile.
      (1) Install the profile
            Select [Install], then select [Install Now] > [Done]. The message is displayed in the Web browser.
      (2) Press the home button to close the Web browser
  4. Turn on the Wi-Fi function in the smartphone’s setting menu
  5. On the Wi-Fi setting screen, select the SSID (the device name selected in step 3) displayed on the camera
  6. Press the home button, and select “Image App” to display “Image App”

* If you need to change the connected device on the Wi-Fi setup screen, follow the on-screen message to change the setting.

Connecting for the second and subsequent times

  1. Tap displayed at the bottom of the screen, then tap
  2. Select [Camera registered]


  • [ ] is displayed on the camera recording screen during a Bluetooth connection. When the Bluetooth function is enabled, but a connection is not established, [ ] appears translucent.
  • When it takes time to set up pairing between a smartphone and a camera, delete the pairing information of both devices and register them again. This may enable the devices to be recognized properly.
  • Once you set up pairing, you can connect with just your smartphone next time.
    (It is necessary to turn the camera's [Bluetooth] on.)
  • Even if you set up pairing with more than one smartphone, you can only connect to one smartphone at a time.