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Join Snap Movies

You can join up short videos you recorded in your digital camera's Snap Movie Mode and add music. *

*Applicable Model: DC-G90/G91/G95/TZ95/TZ96/TZ97/ZS80/FZ1000M2/FZ10002/GX9/TZ200/TZ200/TZ202/TZ220/ZS200/ZS220/GF10/


  1. Connect smartphone to digital camera via Wi-Fi
    • For connection procedure, see instructions for each device.
  1. Tap
  2. Tap [Snap Movie]
    A send message will be displayed on the screen.
    Tap one of the following.
    [YES]    :Send Automatically
                   Go to step 4
                  (For more details, see Note.)
    [NO]    :Send Manually
                   Go to step 3
  3. Select the Snap Movies to join

    Total Time / Max. Time
    Unselected Icon
    Selected Icon
    Begin Sending

    Tapping adds the total time to icon. You can select up to a maximum of 60 seconds.
    In doing so, numbers will be attached to the thumbnails in the order you tapped them.
    Those numbers will also be the playback order in Step 4 on the preview screen.
    Once you have finished selecting, tap .
    This will begin sending the movie to a smartphone.
  4. Join

    Swap (Del.) Scenes
    Add BGM

    You can drag and drop thumbnails to the left and right with to swap out scenes. You can check the editing results for Snap Movies that have had scenes swapped out with or BGM added with by tapping .
    If you want to delete a scene, drag the thumbnail to the top part of the screen while holding it.
    will appear and you will be able to delete it.
    If there is a Snap Movie you can add to, scrolling the thumbnails to the right will display .
  5. Save; Upload to a SNS *
    * A LUMIX CLUB login ID is required to send to a SNS.
    Tap to save the Snap Movie you have joined to your smartphone.
    Tap if you want to share it on a SNS.


[About Send Automatically]

Ex. : If you recorded Snap Movies on 8/12

The Snap Movies that will be sent are ones that were recorded up to 3 days before the activation of .
In the above example, Snap Movies that were recorded on 8/12 will be sent.
If you have also recorded after 8/12, only the Snap Movies with the date closest to the day is activated will be sent.