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Image App (iOS) - Digital Camera -

Editing still pictures on Photo Collage function

Take your favorite still pictures and combine them together on one image on your own.


  1. Connect smartphone to digital camera via Wi-Fi
    • For connection procedure, see instructions for each device.
  1. Tap
  2. Tap [Photo Collage]
  3. Pick a frame
    The frame selection screen is displayed.
    Tap the frame you want to use.
    • The number of still pictures you can use will vary depending upon the frame.
  4. Choose a still picture *
    The still picture thumbnails are displayed.
    • Please put a check mark in the thumbnails of the still pictures you want to insert into the frame.

      *If the digital camera is not connected, the thumbnails of still pictures saved in [Camera Roll] will be displayed.

  5. Tap [Execute]
    It will begin to insert the still pictures into the selected frame.
    • If you want to change the photo frame, please tap .
    • If you want to change the still pictures, please tap the smartphone's back button, and please reselect still pictures from step 4.
  6. Tap and save the edited image
    The message [The pictures have been saved.] will be displayed.
    • To conclude editing in photo frame, tap .
  • Images that have been edited once cannot be re-edited later.
  • iFrame videos and videos saved in MP4 are not supported.
  • If a video is selected, the image being displayed as the thumbnail can be used.