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Image App (android) - 4K Video Camera -

About menu screen

Tap at bottom of screen to display menu screen below and set available options *1:

Item Contents
[Set connect. dest.] Changes the Wi-Fi connection.
You can also connect using the NFC function.

*This function can be used on Android devices that support NFC.
(Some devices may not be compatible.)

[Record Setup]  
  [Change Media] Select SD card to record to. [SD Card 1] [SD Card 2]
[Rec Mode(***)]*2 Changes the quality and recording format of video recorded.
[2 Slots Func.] Perform the following settings.
[Auto SW]
If an SD card reaches capacity while recording, recording will switch to the other SD card.
Records the same video to two SD cards.
A background recording will be saved to [SD Card 2] when recording destination is set to [SD Card 1] under [Change Media].
[i.Zoom]*3 You can zoom in up to 40× magnification while maintaining beautiful HD quality.
[Hybrid O.I.S.]*3 When set to [ON], compensates for major camera shake when zoomed in on a fast-moving subject by hand.
[Slow Shutter] Setting shutter speed slower allows for brighter images in dark locations.
[Digital Zoom function] Sets [Digital Zoom function] to [ON]/[OFF].
[Digital Zoom] Sets [Digital Zoom] magnification rate. [×2] [×5] [×10]
[AGC Limit] Sets the upper limit for when gain is set in AGC.
[Super Gain function] Switches to a higher gain setting than standard.
[Super Gain] Sets gain value for when [Super Gain Function] is set to [ON]. [27dB] [30dB]
[Backlight Compens.] Corrects the image so that it is not silhouetted when lit from behind.
[Infrated Rec] Allows monochromatic recording in darkness when set to [ON].
[Focus assist magnification ratio] Sets magnification rate for images displayed on the live view screen when [FA] is tapped. [×3] [×4] [×5] [×10]
[Camera function]  
  [Camera power off] The video camera can be turned off.
[Help] [Help] shows.
[Terms of use] [Terms of use] are displayed.
The displayed contents differ depending on whether the device is connected to Wi-Fi or not. It also differs if the device has been connected to Wi-Fi in the past.
Available recording modes and display in the (***) field may vary depending on video camera settings.
This setting may not be displayed depending on recording mode.