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HD Writer 2.0E for SX/SD Update Program

Ver.2.0E L18 Update Information (for Europe)

Applicable software HD Writer Ver. 2.0E for SX/SD(HDC-SD5/SX5)
Update version Ver. 2.0E L18
Name and size of the download files HDWriter2.0L018EU.000 /40.0 MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.001 /40.0 MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.002 /40.0 MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.003 /40.0 MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.004 /11.1 MB (11,648,488 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.bat / 153 bytes (153 bytes)
Date Updated June 25, 2008

Applicable Software

  • HD Writer Ver. 2.0E for SX/SD (Bundled with HDC-SD5 and HDC-SX5)


  • Microsoft Windows Vista® SP1 is supported.
  • Microsoft Windows XP® SP3 is supported.
  • The AVCHD player had a display problem when switching scenes with different screen resolutions. This problem has been corrected.
  • The quality of images when outputting MPEG2 files and creating DVD-Video has been improved.
  • After outputting an MPEG2 file, if a disc authored by using non-Panasonic DVD authoring software was played, no audio was produced. This problem has been corrected.


  • This installation program is exclusively for HD Writer Ver. 2.0E for SX/SD, bundled with digital hi-def camcorders HDC-SD5 and HDC-SX5.

Software Licensing Agreement

Use of this software requires agreement to the Software Licensing Agreement.
Installation may only begin after agreement is given.

Please read the following text well:

Download Procedures

Create a download folder
Create a download folder in the hard disk of your PC to save the downloaded files. This guide assumes that you choose the C drive as your hard disk and create an "hdw_Up" folder at the root of the C drive.

Enter the Production Code and download the installer
Please enter the 9-digit alpha-numeric code, located at the bottom of the digital hi-def camcorder (HDC-SD5 or HDC-SX5).

Example: The bottom of the digital hi-def camcorder.


Please only use single-byte alphanumeric characters.

Verify the download files
"For Windows XP or 2000"
After the files are downloaded, select the files in Explorer and verify the sizes of the files by selecting Explorer's [File] menu and then [Property].

"For Windows Vista "
After the files are downloaded, select the files in Explorer and verify the sizes of the files by selecting Explorer's [Organize] menu and then [Property].
If the sizes are as shown below, then the files have been downloaded successfully.
If the sizes are not as shown below, delete the downloaded files and then download the files again.

Divided module

HDWriter2.0L018EU.000 / 40.0MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.001 / 40.0MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.002 / 40.0MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.003 / 40.0MB (41,943,040 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.004 / 11.1MB (11,648,488 bytes)
HDWriter2.0L018EU.bat / 153bytes (153 bytes)

Move the above five files to the folder you created in STEP 1 above.

Combine the segmented files
Double-click HDWriter2.0L018EU.bat, downloaded in STEP 2 above.
HDWriter2.0L018EU.exe is created.
When you double-click HDWriter2.0L018EU.bat, you may see a "security warning message". Please click [Execute] and proceed with the operation.

Update Procedures

If HD Writer has already been installed in your PC, uninstall it and then reboot your PC.

Login as a computer administrator. Quit any running software.

Launch the HD Writer installation program (HDWriter2.0L018EU.exe) by double-clicking it. The file decompresses automatically.

After the file has been decompressed, the installation starts automatically. The menu screen of Ver. 2.0EL18 installation program appears. Click the HD Writer Ver. 2.0E for SX/SD button to start the installation procedure.

Follow the installer's direction to complete the installation.
When the screen below appears, the installation of HD Writer has been completed.
Check [Yes, I want to restart my computer now] and then click the [Finish] button to restart the PC.

The procedure has been completed.