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PHOTOfunSTUDIO 9.5 PE Update Program

Update Contents

Applicable software PHOTOfunSTUDIO 9.5 PE
Name and size of the download files PfS95PEWebUp-L752-E.exe / 221 MB (232,159,704 bytes)
Update Version 9.5 L752
Date Updated Oct. 1, 2014

Objective users

User using the PHOTOfunSTUDIO 9.5 PE (supplied with the DMC-GH4 DMC-FZ1000)


Corresponding Ver.

Support video recorded in [4K PHOTO]
Support video recorded in MP4 (4K(3840x2160), 23.98p, AAC audio)

9.5 L752

This update program is valid to the supported version.

Software Licensing Agreement

Please read the following text well.
Use of this software requires agreement of the Software Licensing Agreement.
Installation may only begin after agreement is given.

Download Procedure

Step 1. Create a download folder

Create a folder on the hard disk to store the downloaded files.

Step 2. Download the update program

Download the files into the folder created in Step 1.

PfS95PEWebUp-L752-E.exe / 221 MB (232,159,704 bytes)
Step 3. Verify the download file

After the files are downloaded, select the files in Explorer and verify the sizes of the files by selecting Explorer's [Organize] menu and then [Property].
If the sizes are as shown above, then the files have been downloaded successfully.
If the sizes are not as shown above, delete the downloaded files and then download the files again.

Update Procedures

If the PHOTOfunSTUDIO program is running, please be sure to close down and quit this program too.
The update target PHOTOfunSTUDIO must be installed already.

Login as a computer administrator. Quit any running software.
The file decompresses automatically by double-clicking PfS95PEWebUp-L752-E.exe.
After the file has been decompressed, the installation starts automatically.
Follow the instructions on the dialog box to begin the update process.
The update process will finish after a while.
Check the "PHOTOfunSTUDIO" version.
Launch PHOTOfunSTUDIO, select [Help] > [About] to see the version.
If it is shown as "PHOTOfunSTUDIO 9.5 PE 9.5.752.****", the update was successful.

This completes the update process.