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MotionSD STUDIO 1.0E (supplied with the SDR-S100) Update Program

Update installer information

Objective users Users using the MotionSD STUDIO 1.0E (supplied with the SDR-S100)
File name Update program for "MotionSD STUDIO 1.0E".
Objective software MotionSD STUDIO 1.0EL19b,L20,L21
Registration name/volume MSDS10_SR2.exe / 1.64MB (1,729,061 bytes)
Version 1.0EL22
Date Updated 2005/11/24

Objective users

Users using the MotionSD STUDIO 1.0J (supplied with the SDR-S100)

Contents updated (to be described in the web page)

Corresponding Ver.
(1) Resolutions when wide screen is selected have been added to the resolution settings menu in the snap-shot function. 1.0EL21

DVD R/RW drives that support writing have been added. Click here for the list of DVD drives compatible with the ?MotionSD STUDIO? (link).
*the list of DVD drives compatible with the “MotionSD STUDIO"

(3) Plug-in folder
(Default: C:\Program Files\Panasonic\MotionSD STUDIO\SD_Browser\Plugin)
In the above, if the settings in [Properties] [Attribute] are made other than below, then the thumbnails of movie files only cannot be displayed. This update software has eliminated this problem.
Hidden files (H) Uncheck
Enable folders to be archived (A) Uncheck Index this folder to speed up searching
(I) Check Compress the contents to save space (C) Uncheck

Please read the following text well

Installation procedures

  1. Login the computer using the administrative account.
  2. Exit all active applications.
    * Exit the active MotionSD STUDIO.
    (Do not uninstall the version of MotionSD STUDIO currently installed. If it has been uninstalled, install the uninstalled version of MotionSD STUDIO again.)
  3. Preparation for update
    Create a folder into which files are downloaded. Example: c:\Temp
  4. Download the following file into the folder created in Step 3. MSDS10_SR2.exe
  5. Double-click the file downloaded.
  6. The installation wizard is activated and the installation starts. Finish the installation by following the instructions on the screen.
    If the following window appears during installation, then Click the [Yes to All] button.
  7. When the installer is completed, the update program will also be completed.


1.64MB (1,729,061 bytes)