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Update program for HD Writer AE5.2

Download program HD Writer AE5.2
Download file / capacity HDWriterAEUpdate(5_2L110).exe / 212MB ( 222,643,456 bytes )
Date of update Feb. 16 , 2015

Objective users

Customer using HD Writer AE5.2

Warnings before download

  • HD Writer AE5.2 must be installed before this updated data file is opened.
  • Please download this file under administrator rights.
  • This update program is valid only for a target version.

Support details

Segmented scenes (files) which were recorded for a long time in recording mode of 4K MP4 and 1080/50M MP4
can be output by connecting each of them so that they can be played back seamlessly by other devices.


As for using this software, you shall accept the contents of "Software License Agreement".
Please read this agreement carefully and download or install only when you agree all the terms
and conditions of this agreement.

Download instructions

Step 1.

Please prepare a folder to store the file which you downloaded on your hard disc.

* The software is available for download until the end of March 2023.


File size is 222,643,456 bytes.

Step 2.

When download was completed, please confirm the size of the downloaded file by selecting "Property"
from the right-click menu with a mouse.
When the size is equal to the original, it means download was successfully completed.
When the size is not equal to the original, please delete the file and download again.

Install instructions

Step 1.

Please log in under administrator rights of the computer. And exit all the active applications.

Step 2.

Please double-click on the downloaded HDWriterAEUpdate(5_2L110).exe to execute.

Step 3.

Proceed in accordance with the instructions of the installer.
When the following screen appears, the HDWriter AE program has ended.
Click the [Finish] button to restart your PC.

Install instructions

  1. Start HD Writer
  2. Open the edit screen. (Please refer to PDF Operating Instructions of HD Writer AE5.2 (from page 61 to 65) for detailed operation about the editing.)
  3. The following page is displayed in case of clicking the file output after editing, when 3840x2160 and 1920x1080/60P or 50P [50Mbps] of MP4 are selected as kinds of the scenes to edit.
  4. When "Seamless playback on other devices" is selected, they are output in file format which can play back seamlessly when they are played back on other devices.
  5. * When they are played back on supported TV or recorder, they can be played back whichever is selected.
    However, when you'd like to played back them seamlessly, please select "Seamless playback on other devices".


* This function is intended for recording mode (4K/30p and MP4/50Mbps).
* An output file by selecting "Seamless playback on other devices" is premised to be played back
on other 4K/30p and MP4/50Mbps-enabled devices.
Please note that a thumbnail is displayed on the Video Camera
and edit and playback are impossible.
* When the output file by selecting "Seamless playback on other devices" is written to a SD card,
a SDXC card is required when data volume of the file exceeds 4GB.

It cannot be written to SDHC card and SD card.
* The maximum file size when it's output is 48GB. After the size exceeded 48GB,
the file is segmented.
* When the output file by selecting "Seamless playback on other devices" is played back,
the interruption of sound and snapping sound can be caused momentarily between a scene and a scene.
* The format conversion of the file which is output by selecting "Seamless playback on other devices" into FHD (1920×1080/30p) is impossible.