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PHOTOfunSTUDIO 10.0 AE Download Program

This software is for customers who install PHOTOfunSTUDIO 10.0 AE for the first time.
For PHOTOfunSTUDIO 10.0 AE users, software update program is available from HERE.
Applicable software PHOTOfunSTUDIO 10.0 AE
Name and size of the download files

PHOTOfunSTUDIO(10_0AEL517E).exe / 360 MB (377,668,704 bytes)

Date Updated Apr. 18 , 2019


Date Version Description
Apr. 18 , 2019 L517
  • The High Speed Video files with the TZ95 / TZ96 / TZ97 / ZS80¬† are ¬†supported.
Sep. 26 , 2018 L513
  • Picture images shot with the new effects of Photo Style that have been added with the DC-GX9 firmware update Ver.1.1 are supported.
Mar. 7 , 2018 L508
  • Initial release.

Objective users

User using the DC-G90 / DC-G91 / DC-G95 / DC-TZ95 / DC-TZ96 / DC-TZ97 / DC-ZS80 / DC-FZ10002 / DC-FZ1000M2 / DC-LX100M2 / DC-GX9 / DC-TZ200 / DC-TZ202 / DC-TZ220 / DC-ZS200 / DC-ZS220.

Software Licensing Agreement

Please read the following text well.
Use of this software requires agreement of the Software Licensing Agreement.
Installation may only begin after agreement is given.

Download Procedure

Step 1.

Create a folder on the hard disk to store the downloaded files.

Step 2.

After inputting the serial number of your Digital Camera, please download the software into the folder which you have made on STEP1.

*The software is available for download until the end of Apr. 2024

Please select the Model. (Required fields)

Please enter the 11-digit alpha-numeric code,located at the Battely holder
of the High Definition Video Camera. (Required fields)


After the files are downloaded, select the files in Explorer and verify the sizes of the files by selecting Explorer's [Organize] menu and then [Property].
If the sizes are as shown above, then the files have been downloaded successfully.
If the sizes are not as shown above, delete the downloaded files and then download the files again.

Install Procedure

Step 1.

Login the computer using the administrative account. Terminate all active softwares.

Step 2.

Double-click the PHOTOfunSTUDIO(10_0AEL517E).exe file for the PHOTOfunSTUDIO to run.
If message "A program needs your permission continue" appears, click continue Installation starts.
The install dialog is displayed. Click the "Next (N)" Button in accordance with the instructions in the dialog to start installation.

Step 3.

Proceed in accordance with the instructions of the installer.
When the following screen appears, the PHOTOfunSTUDIO program has ended.
Click the [Finish] button to restart your PC.